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Uterus spasm twitches

Hello so my period is a month late not pregnant. Google tells me it’s cancer FYI. So I am freaking out. I’m 37 years old always regular. Anyways I have noticed my uterus or lower ab area random twitching or spasming not painful. Looked it up means cancer as well :-( anyone know if this is normal. I never noticed it before but clearly I’m being sensitive right now to my womanly parts due to no period and have noticed this twitching it’s quick but has happened a few times. Totally panicking that I’m dying it’s “cancer”  
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One missed period doesn't translate automatically to cancer, please be sure you are reading respected websites, such as the Mayo Clinic site, when looking up symptoms. Have you made a doctor appointment? Often missing one period means nothing at all, just that you didn't ovulate that month. I wouldn't leap to such a negative conclusion, I'd just go see the doctor.
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Thanks. I cannot get in for awhile. It’s more the twitching that I’m questioning at this point. Because both said cancer when I looked it up. I know a missed period has lots of causes (Internet said cancer ) but no idea about twitching
I think you aren't going to get a definitive answer here about the twitches, but at least if you go see your doctor sooner, he or she will be able to test you for cancer and take that worry off your mind. Also, it would be surprising if most websites about women's health say from the evidence of just one missing period that you have cancer. They might have it way down the list of suggestions, or they might say something like cancer is sometimes associated with missing a period, but it's not going to be the first thing any reputable site proposes is wrong if someone misses a period, whether it is accompanied by twitches or not. If you have been going on fine with periods like normal and then suddenly miss one, that's not how cancer comes on. Anyway, get to the doctor just because it's worrying you.
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