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VAGINAL ODOR * trying a product but am not sure its safe to use frequently*HELP

hi everyone I have a question, I usually get a bad odor after sex, i was told by doctors that its caused by the Ph balance of the vagaina, anyway I never had any kind of infections whatsoever, anyway I was feeling so ashamed about the odor and am so tired of going to gynecologist and being told I am fine, and giving me metranadizole gel for 5 days to help me with the odor.

anyway after spending so much money buying over the counter items for vaginal odor like rephresh etc...not douches of course, but anyway my mom suggested that i try a product called ACROMONA its made in the dominican republic, but is sold in most latin american countries, it is also sold just about every grocery store in new york city where my mom lives.

anyway this product works miracles for my vaginal odor  I mean it takes it away its basically made up of metronadizole/nystatin in supository form, I am using one suppository about once a week, i am just wondering if this is safe? mom uses it about once a month and she also had bad odor and its gone, in her case  coudl smell it even when she passed by me,  and her odor is non existant,this product has helped me so much, and i want to use it once a week and am just scared about long term effects, please let me know if you think its safe using it year round? or should i just use the metronadizole gel after sex?
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I would run this by your doctor.  Especially, tell him the part about your mom and the fact that the odor was noticeable to others when she walked by; a lot of times doctors think we are making this up.

The other thing to ask is if you ever had a culture done or whatever they do for bacterial vaginosis (gardnerella).  A hallmark of this bacteria is a bad smell, after your period or after sex.  Sometimes a doc will simply check you for yeast infections and pronounce you free of all of those, and won't check for BV.  (It's bad to ignore it.)

I wouldn't be taking anything long term without checking with your gyno, in any case.


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I agree with Annie.  It's not normal to have to continue to battle with an odor.  Something's amiss!  Please have your gyn check for other problems.
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are you sure its not the semen that is causing the odor? With my partner I smell horrid for days and that is with a lot of hot water. The only way I can most the way prevent it is by getting up after sex so it never gets all up in every crack and crevice. The GYN told me (After clear bg tests and good exam) that he could try changing his diet but other than that, some people have nasty semen. Seriously our bedsheets smell funky (not like dead cow funky but not pleasant) the next morning. And yes he has been tested too. Its just icky. Looking back when this started, a former boyfriend had the same issue a long time ago. I remember we had intercourse then I put my clothes on and we went out. We came back, and I took my clothes off to sleep. The next morning when I went to put my clothes BACK on to go home and shower/change I nearly barfed when I smelled them. ICK

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I have never heard of that product...is it a cream?  a powder?  Can you get it in Wal-Mart of a Walgreens?  I would like to try it....

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Hi Guys thanks so much for your advice.

actually he pulls out there is really not much semen behind if any but the pre-*** as they call it is what i think causes this bad odor, I actually even try taking a bath before and after sex to avoid the odor and nothing, it lasts for days, I have been checked for a long time and they never really find anything, the doctors just say that the vagina's ph is low and the semen has a high ph and that messes up a womans vaginal ph which causes the odor, but at last after so much struggling i found a product that works i will definately ask my doctor, this product has both metronadizole and nystatin which treats yeast,but it gives me such peace of mind to know that i dont stink down there.

also i have a bv group on yahoo and alot of people use hydrogen peroxide and other over the counter stuff daily, not sure if its safe for long term use, however nothing worked on my odor except for acromona.

By the acromona is sold in NYC in most every grocery stores I am sure that any other latin areas sell them but I know that it is sold in most all latin american countries so I would guess you could call any spanish store. hope you find it because its great.
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Metronidazole has been shown to be carcinogenic in mice and rats (see PRECAUTIONS.) Unnecessary use of the drug should be avoided. Its use should be reserved for the conditions described in the INDICATIONS AND USAGE section below.


hope this helps.
they sell supposatories at wal-mart, i don't know what the name is but it has a flower on the box....they work.....5 bucks
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Sperm usually doesn't smell, you can feel it coming back down for about two days, but is an old wifes tale to say it smells..... what you must have is Bacterial Vaginosis I had the same problem and my obgyn gave me Vandazole, with 5 applications it was gone. I was toled there is not yet a reason for the odor or bacteria to be there  but just a natural inbalance of "good" and "bad" bacteria.... I think it comes along with having more than one partner, either for the male or female. Remember guys are cariers of bacteria... but if is not treated it can lead to something worse, like Human Papillomavirus virus... Now is back because I'm back with my ex....
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the product you are describing "acromona" is the dominican version of a drug that is called flagylstatin in the united states.  it is not available over here w/out a prescription.  it is made of two drugs, metronidazol (500 mg) (AKA "monistat" in the U.S.) and Nystatin (100,000 iu) (Flagyl in the US, not availble w.out a script)

doctors are told this should be prescribed ONLY when there is direct evidence of trichomonal infestation

Adverse Reactions: Infrequent and minor adverse reactions reported to date include: vaginal burning and granular sensation; bitter taste, nausea and vomiting,

DOSAGE and ADMINISTRATION: this is how US doctor's tell patients to use this drug: Dosage And Administration: One vaginal insert or ovule, or 1 applicatorful of cream daily, inserted deep into the vagina, before retiring, for 10 consecutive days. In order to facilitate disintegration, moisten the vaginal tablet under water for a second or two just before introduction in the vagina.

If after 10 days of treatment a cure has not been achieved a second 10 day course of treatment should be given. If Trichomonas vaginalis has not been completely eliminated, oral metronidazole 250 mg should be administered twice daily for 10 days.

I researched all this because i was surprised to see single dosage packets of vaginal inserts on the counter of the beauty supply store near my house in the bronx.  i have been plagued with bacterial vaginitis and/or yeast infections for five plus years.  i find american doctors don't seem to care much about these problems even though women find them extremely depressing and alienating..

the best treatment for me has been using condoms, drinking Kefir (cultured milk drink) eating yogurt not wearing panties to sleep and only wearing cotton ;panties that are not thongs...  whta else?  i used rephresh but i t is expensive.  i got boric acid capsules prescribed by a midwife once and compounded by bigelow pharmacy here in nyc.  i usd them vaginally once a day for a week then once a week for a month then once a month for a year.  i had no side effectas and no symptoms for that whole year.

now i just need to find someone willing to prescribe them or compound them again.the gyno i saw at planned parent=hood was unwilling to prescribe them.

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I'm so relief to know I'm not the only one w/ this problem. It's truly depressing & affecting my sexual life w/ my boyfriend bcuz I'm so afraid of getting odor everytime that most of the time I don't even have sex. My mom brought a pack of ACROMONA from DR like 8 months ago, it prob. had 50 individual ovals & we only have like 10 left. That is the only thing that makes me feel so refreshed & confident but it scares me bcuz I don't know what the consecuences will be in the long run.
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I know what it is. I used acromona and it works wonders. Now I live in texas. I can't find them here.
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You should use it once a month after your period......I got an yeast infeccion that turned into a UTI..it was so bad that nothing over the counter worked...Doctors diagnosed me with Cystitis.....Nothing they gave me worked for three months I was suffering......I got on an Alkiline diet....The first night I used accromona my yeast infeccion almost gone and Cystitis symptoms almost completely gone.....Also add CystexCran  and Azo cranberry pill with diet.....Use acromona for 7 days at bedtime.  The reason why doctors and Urologist diagnose you with cystitis is because the antibiotic they give you to kill bacteria doesn't kill it so your immune system gets weak allowing bacteria to hold on to your bladder walls and overgrow.  .where doctors now can't find  infeccion because you come out negative...now doctors will tell you u have to live with disease for ever referring you to physical therapy for muscle training lol when it's really an infeccion......Ladies if you get an yeast infeccion that turns into a UTI aswell I suggest Acromona ...  If you only get a UTI I suggest immediately take Azo ceanberry pill for Two weeks and if that doesn't work Acromona might do the trick...
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