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I posted in the maternal/child but no response yet but....

Does anyone know ANYTHING about the Women's One a Day Weight Smart Vitamin????? I thought about trying this and also wondered if it was ok to take while breastfeeding. They say it contains EGCG an extract found in Green Tea so I was wondering if it were safe. I have heart palpatations sometimes too which is why I can't take Metabolife or things like that. Just wondered if any of you have tried this and if it works. Thanks ladies. Feel free to use as an open forum if needed as well.
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Is there an 800 number on the bottle you could call.  I'd bet they could tell you.  I used to take Metabolife, just for the energy boost, but I stopped after hearing the negative things about it, and I also now have a fast heartbeat for which I take medication for.  Now, I drink coffee, and am so thankful is doesn't cause palpitations...
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It never occured to me that taking vitamins could be harmful while breastfeeding. I've been taking one a day multivitamins, as well as C and E to help boost my immune system. I haven't noticed any adverse effects to the baby, but you have a point.

I also have heart palpitations from time to time. In my case, there hasn't been any correlation between the vitamins and the palpitations.
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The vitamins she is talking about have more in them than just a normal multi vitamin...they are supposed to help weight loss.  normal vitamins are recommended when breastfeeding. I would not take any herbal while breastfeeding or pregnant as they are not FDA approved, thus-not studied.
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