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Vaginal Bleeding after sex and/or climax

Im 18 years old and have been having sex with my long term boyfriend for over a year now. I've been on the pill for 5 years to help my severe period pain and I've never had any major problems.
About 2 months ago I had my period and when it stopped i waited about 2 days to have sex with my boyfriend again. When we had sex I noticed some blood afterwards. I just thought i wasn't finished my period yet. Anyway it started to happen every time we had sex and i got a small amount of cramp in my lower abdomen. It also happened when no penetration was involved, just climax. I went to the doctor and she told me to keep taking my pill and skip my periods for my pain, which is safe, and then told me it was just my muscles relaxing and releasing extra blood left from my period. She made me do STI tests and a urine sample and both came back as normal. Everything went back to usual for about 3 weeks, and i stopped bleeding. I missed a pill one morning and got my period that afternoon. It lasted longer than usual and was the worst I've ever had. I couldn't sleep and I screamed at night. When it finished, I had sex with my boyfriend, it hurt a lot because it had been a while but not enough to be uncomfortable. When we finished I bled again but not as much as usual, just some light pink discharge, I waited a few days and then decided to masterbate, coming to a climax without penetration, as soon as i climaxed i felt a sharp pain in my lower abdomen and started to bleed. there wasn't a lot but it was very red and stopped after I wiped it away. It is affecting my love life with my boyfriend and I need it to stop. I'll go back to the doctors after my final exams, but i don't have any history of diseases or conditions that affect that area. Please help!
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