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Vaginal Bumps- Anyone else have these? Antibiotics, bv, yeast?

3 months ago I noticed I had these very small, firm bumps in the vaginal area. They are on the skin right below the clitoris and above the urethral opening. Some of them seem to appear in a line. They have not changed in size since I noticed them in August. My obgyn said they are a part of my normal anatomy, but I just kind of wonder, because I would think I would have noticed them a long time ago. I thought maybe I had molluscum contagiosum (even though they don't have dimples in the middle) because I swam in a couple public pools a couple weeks before I noticed them, but my obgyn said they weren't molluscum.

Aside from that, I am having major candida issues because of overuse of antibiotics. A month long course of ciprofloxacin and then some! Then I was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis in September. I recently went to see my obgyn just to make sure the bv had not recurred and it hadn't, But found I had a yeast infection.

I've done a lot of research on antibiotic use, bacterial vaginosis and candida infection and I've never really come across anything that would support these bumps being caused by any of these things. I did read once that BV could cause the individual to experience bumps, but the page did not offer a description of such bumps, and I'm not sure the source was credible anyhow. Still, I figured I'd ask, in case anyone else had the same thing.

They are very small and firm. I have between 5 and 10 of them and they all seem to be about the same size.

Anyone else have these? :)
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Just bumping up the thread :)
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I am experiencing the exact same thing!  Any ideas yet on what it may be?  I have also been having candida issues due to antibiotics.....I also have PCOS.  Can't figure out what it could be, but they are very tiny and very firm.
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I have them too. They come and go every once in awhile for me and stay anywhere from a week to months. I was told the same thing as you by a doctor and in my own online research. It is similar to any kind of cyst you might get-they come and go and a lot has to do with hormones. So if you are having issues with that area in general with infections that is probably why you still have them. The reason you haven't noticed them before is that they were likely not inflamed until recenently.
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i also have these bumps exactly the same and experience regular thrush. And have now had undiagnosable discharge for over two years do you think these maybe caused by bacterial vaginosis? any help would be great
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I had 2 of these appear practically overnight, then they just multiplied.  I have been on Amoxicillin since Dec 30th  I have not been to see a Dr. as this just began 2 days ago.  I first thought they might be boils, deep in the skin.  I have been researching on my own.  That is how I found your story.  If they dont go away within the next couple days, I intend to see a physician.  I will post the outcome.  Thanks for sharing.          
I wonder if it was the amoxicillan. I would always use it for fevers and colds and Im beginning to wonder that if it (the bumps between clit and urethra) might have occurred as a result of overuse of the antibiotic which led to recurrent yeast infections and the bumps.
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hello i have thush too   i dont know what to do im new on here too iv had thush for 3 to 4 months plz can u help its around the vaginal area    any help would  great  thanks
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I apologize as I have just now noticed that there has been activity on this thread. Well the person who examined me was right to an extent. It's basically just like pores in the vaginal skin that become irritated when you have a yeast infection. At one point I could feel them all the time. After I treated the yeast infection a good majority of them went away and became almost unnoticeable. I am still having candida issues of course and the bumps started to come back a week ago or so, so I am treating with antifungal cream again. I am aware of what is called a bartholin cyst however the bumps were not associated with that condition. Nor do I believe they had/have anything to do with bacterial vaginosis. If anyone wants to talk about candidiasis, feel free to write me :) I've done a lot of research on the subject and have found a few things to be very useful.
Hey, I just got doneusingamoxicillin andnow I'm suffering with vaginal itchiness, dryness, burning, clit tenderness. And now I found a line of little lumps.  Is this common with a yeast infection? I've never had one.
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I have been dealing with yeast issues since March of 2008...and now I have a weird "bump" on my vaginal area. I tried to look at it with a mirror and it's really not noticeable but I can feel it with my finger. It feels small and hard I guess. I've had it for about a month now.
I noticed it just after I went to the doctor(a month ago) and was told it was just really irritated from the yeast infection...I also had BV!

After Monostat and 2 Diflucan pills didn't help I started doing research and am now on a strict Anti-Candida diet, doing a colon cleanse and taking different anti-fungal supplements.
I'm hoping the bump will go away with the Candidiasis in time...

Does my bump sound the same as your bumps...anyone?
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I have these too.  Your GYN is right.  Normal anatomy.  No worries!
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do the bumps itch like crazy? if someone tells me "yes", tell me what to do! it seems as if i'm in the right place to get some help. tried everything from antibiotics to Diflucan. i don't think it's herpes. Do you?
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I have had this same problem with the bumps. They come and go with no pain and seem to be in a straight line. And seem to get better when I'm on antibiotics. They get close to almost completely going away and they come back again.. This has been going on for months. I'm getting scared and don't know what to do. I don't think it is HPV but has the antifungal medications helped? Yeast has also been on and off for the past couple of months. I also am experiencing spotting for the past couple of days but have started a birth control to try and regulate my hormones... Could it be anything more?
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Firstly, I want to thank you on hands and knees as I have been panicking for almost a week now. Last week I noticed these bumps in a line and I Immediately thought herpes; resulting in hours of frantic looking for symptoms and similar stories. So after using both Canestins oral pill and tablet combo treatment, most of the itching from what I think is a yeast infection is gone. However, some itching and discomfort remains around these line bumps. I have a doctors appointment next week, so hopefully I get some solid answers.
Just, thank you so much for posting this! :')
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Have you eradicated them? I have the exact same thing. Any one else get rid of these ?
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