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Vaginal Discharge Discolours my Underwear

I am 18. I don't know whether its normal, I'm pretty sure it's not. I know vaginal discharge is acidic, but this doesn't really make any sense to what's happening to me. After washing my underwear, I have noticed that where vaginal discharge has touched my underwear, there are discolourations to my underwear. It looks as if it has bleached my underwear as my knickers are different colours, and where it has touched the discharge it has turned the knickers yellow/white. And the colour of the knickers has literally been taken out. The colour of the underwear is not fading anywhere else, it is just where discharge touches. Therefore I am spending a fortune buying new underwear frequently as it is slightly embarrassing to where them with discolourations to my boyfriend's house!
Surely if the discharge is "bleaching" the underwear, it would be alkaline, rather than acidic?! Or am I just confused.
Please help!
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i am having the same problem! i've also noticed that my discharge smells like ammonia and i have no clue what it could be
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OMG!  I am having the same issue.  The discoloration and the ammonia smell.  It seems like it started pretty recently.  Do either of you happen to have an IUD?   I thought maybe that would be where it comes from.  Does anyone know how to help this?
I'm only 14 and I have the same problem..
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I have been having this same problem for years and I am only 20. I have been to many doctors and nobody knows what is wrong. They do swabs and nothing ever shows up. I don't know what to do but I hate it. If anyone knows what this is please let me know.
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Hey my girl seems to be having the same problem and the doctor she is seeing said it is mostly normal and has something to do with the OH balance of her body.
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Hey yeah I'm having this problem as well! I'm 16, a virgin and I've had  this since puberty! it's mortifying when my parents wash my underwear. hmmm I wonder if it is the ph... am I old enough to go to an OBGYN? Are they in hospitals or medical centers or independent?
I'm always so embarrassed, any advice?
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