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Vaginal Discharge!?

Okay, so im having liquid leaking from my vagina. I have no pain or irritation but everyday throughout the entire day I have a white/clear stringy liquid that leaks. I have read that its healthy for this to occur and its just like cleaning itself or something but this is literally happening throughout my entire day everyday! This has also been happening for a long time and by long time I mean like almost a year I think. Its really annoying to deal with and was wondering of theres anyway to stop it or if this actually isn't normal. Also, if it helps or relates I am not sexually active, im 19, and my period is regular and im on birth control. Please help me!
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Hi there and welcome.  Well, it is tough being a woman, right?  yeesh!!  do you get annual pelvic exams and pap smears since you are on the pill?  This could be a function of the hormones in the pill (are you on that for period regulation since you are not sexually active?).  It IS normal to have regular discharge but not so much that it is causing a problem.  Do you eat a lot of sugar?  That too can contribute.  But I'd mention this to your doctor if you have a pelvic exam coming up any time soon.  Maybe make your pelvic exam a bit early if you don't.  :>)  good luck
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