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Vaginal Discharge

So since I got married I have vaginal discharge EVERYDAY! and with a not so pleasant odor...When I went to my doctor she said its normal to have discharge because it is my bodies way of cleaning itself and since my discharge is white, she said it was fine. I think it has to be like yellowish in order for it to be an infection. But I am really bothered by this and especially by the odor. Does anyone know what this could be about? Is it really normal?
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It could be a bacterial thing, of even if you are on vitamins. Both which can cause the odor. I know for me, I can tell when it is the bacterial problem because you tend to have more symtoms other then just odor or discharge.
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yeah i agree if it smells fishy then probably bacterial vaginosis isnt a std.. but if it smells musty then probably trichomonas and it is a std.  or it could just be normal i went to the ob/gyn becuase i smelled an odor so she did a pap test and looked under the microscope and told me youi dont have any odor, or bacterial vaginosis. i was like o okay so i asked what about the odor thats when she said she didnt smeel or see anything wrong. it wasnt an fishy odor and i know i didnt have any std. just odor. as long as the odor is mild and normal then you have nothing to worry about. i used to get bacterial vaginosis. but havent hasd it in a year go for my next yearly check-up will see dont have any odor at all now.. well goodluck
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You were right! It was bacterial vaginosis....my doctor prescribed a one time creme called Clindesse and it worked...the problem hasnt and hopefully wont come back!
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