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Vaginal Odor Help!

I have been to  a doctor and I have NO infections.  I have a terrible smell coming from my vaginia.  Its not my pee because I put some in a cup and smelled it so its coming from my vagaina.  My question is why, what is wrong, and what can I do about it. Is this normal?   Its really not a fish smell it really stinks.  Im so embarrassed i wont have sex with my husband and he is wondering why?  I dont want him to think i am cheating or something.  I have tryed femine washes it smells okay for awhile but always comes back.  Can someone help?  Please? Im 53 and have been through menopause anyone with any suggestions please post.
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Hey, I accidentally got switched here after responding to your Paxil weight gain post.  I'm the guy trying to talk you into exercising.  I managed health food stores for many years, and heard this a lot.  My wife also suffers from this.  First, if your husband is willing to have sex with you, it will help.  Why would he think you're cheating?  Sex helps keep the juices flowing, and therefore helps keep fluids from becoming backed up.  So does exercise.  The body is all based on movement; stop moving, and problems develop.  The other thing is a proper balance of hormones.  Personally, I would recommend seeing a naturopath to naturally balance your hormones; I wouldn't use a doctor for it because what they use is more dangerous than the problem.  Is the Paxil causing you to have sexual problems?  It's a common symptom, and gave me problems.  My sex drive has been reduced a million percent since I've been on antidepressants.  It's a common side effect, as is difficulty reaching orgasm, for both men and women.  But for God's sake, if you want sex, have it; if your husband is understanding, he won't mind, trust me.  My wife is going through an intensely long peri-menopause and she won't do anything I suggest, so she stinks all the time, but that doesn't stop me or her, though I admit I seldom want to have sex because of the drug.  Men are pigs, don't you know?  We'll swim in any trough to have sex.  Be open with him about it.  And try to stop worrying about what others think and take care of yourself.  
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I suggest that you have your husband go get tested as well.
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Tested for what?  We have been married 22 years.  He does not cheat and I hate sex.  
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