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Vaginal Odor

After I have sex with my boyfriend Theres a fishy smell in my vagina but he used condom. what should I do?.
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Hi there.  Welcome. Well, a strong, foul odor like a fishy smell is indicative of a bacterial infection called bacterial vaginosis.  This is something that you need to see a doctor for and they prescribe medication.  Glad you are using condoms though---  that is great!  Planned Parenthood is a good resource if you don't want to go to the doctor with your mom or something like that.  good luck  (oh, and BV doesn't have to be sex related but you would smell it after intercourse).  
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Soon after  having sex, always go and have a pee .  It is preferable to have a wash straight away, but if you are too tired to do this, wash when you get up in the morning.  

It may be that you have an allergy to the latex, so get your boyfriend to try the latex free condoms.  Do not use soaps, bath or shower gels to wash below, normal water is fine.  Using a soap with the same pH level as our skin is fine and baby washes may be fine.  Soaps, bath and shower gels not only change the pH level of your skin, they also dry the delicate skin.  Perfumed soaps and other wash products could react with your own body odour.  Same goes for fabric detergents and softeners.  Use one that is not highly perfumed.

If you only notice the fishy smell after having sex, it is highly likely to be a hygiene issue and an interaction with the latex condom.

If you experience  any irritation (itching/soreness) and the "fishy" smell is there all the time with or without any discharge, book an appointment to see your doctor.

Always remember though to have a pee straight away after having sex and have a shower down below as soon as possible.  Make sure too that he has washed and washed his hands before touching you.
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You need to go to a clinic and do some tests to get the problem resolved
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Do see your doctor.  Vaginal odors that resemble strong, fishy odor are a classic sign of bacterial vaginosis which is treated with antibiotics.  The odor is often noticeable after sex.  Hygiene does not affect BV unfortunately.  Your best bet is to get swabbed by a doctor.  Anyone can have BV and it is nothing to be ashamed of.  good luck hon
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Could be an infection.
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