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Vaginal Odour Problem

I work in a busy office amongst male and female coworkers. During this summer, I began to notice a strong vaginal smell when I arose from my chair. My job requires me to sit all day on my bum, and I am "blessed" with a naturally wet bottom. The odor is very distinctive and almost like swiss cheese, pungent and very noticeable. (I am horrified to tell you all this, sorry!!!). I can detect this smell usually when I am ovulating, but at other times as well. I'm married and have 2 children, am sexually active, but my gynaecologist has not detected yeast infection, trichomonas, or BV, nor do I have dysplasia or any other problems that she has informed me about. I have received only sheepish shrugs and dismissals about the smell, which is intermittent, but very noticeable at times. I am so embarrassed that my mates at work can smell me, but I am not sure. Just extremely self-conscious. I wear cotton knickers, never douche, and have recently switched from pantyhose to stockings. I have no itching, irritation or burning, just creamy to clear discharge (I have had a lot of so-called 'normal' wetness since puberty). I wonder if my weight has anything to do with this. Please help. I am 1.65 m in height and weigh 200 lb. Any advice would be appreciated. THANKS!
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You said you never douche.  Now might be the time to start.  Something gentle, and not everyday.  Maybe every 3rd morning in the shower before you go to work.  Maybe every other morning during your "strong" time.
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Hi alice....I just wanted to say that everybody is different, and that maybe you could carry with you some scented wipes in your purse, as long as they don't irritate you and everytime you go to the bathroom use one to refresh yourself, and to wear a really thin panty liner that is scented and change it every so oftend. That way the odor is not staying on your underwear and is on the liner and use the wipes in between. Just an idea. Hope this is helpful :)
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According to a health book from Kaiser, it sounds like you might have vaginitis.  Sympotms are unusal discharge and odor.  I know you said you've been told your discharge is normal, but why the odor?  Basically vaginitis is a change to the chemical balance of the vagina.  It can be from something major like STDs or as little as douching or using tampons.  I personally would not douche as I think it causes more harm than good.  Maybe you could keep a few wet washcloths in a ziplock bag.  You could clean yourself whenever you got to the bathroom.  Just get a larger purse so you can be somewhat discreet.  Be careful of using soaps too and make sure you always wear cotton panties.
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Thanks for the advice. I purchased an OTC single use douche and used it last night. I actually did feel fresher (I had just had intercourse yesterday morning). I used to douche soon after I married but stopped on advice of my gyn following a series of chronic vulvovaqinitis due to candidiasis. I haven't had the "cheese clumps" or red vaginal lips or itching for several years now, thank goodness, but the odor is still the same.

My current theory is that I went on a dose pak of cortisone for a knee injury and it seems like I smelled stronger at about that time. The odor is like when I am aroused (which is very frequently; attributed to the medication maybe?)only much more picquant and noticeable. Unfortunately my vulva and panties still have that interminable wetness and smell. It is not fishy, more acidic and almost like ones fingers smell after handling a sharp cheese. It's not bad, just strong. Oh well, I will keep trying. Thanks for your kind advice all of you.
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Thank you to you as well! I already use the vaginal wipes, but I can't use any perfumes or scented ones, including the scented bathroom paper or pads or tampons on orders of my physician. I am just wondering if my body is changing. I am 46 and very sexually active, perhaps more so than at any time. I still think it could be my hypertension Rx or the oral cortisone. The odd thing is that my husband actually likes my increased odour of late! Men. During cunnilingus, he seemed to be enjoying himself rather well, as I did. I do have a very acute sense of smell, and I believe that I may be pre-menopausal, as I tend to perspire and feel hotter in the breast and abdomen. I have performed a self examination of my vulva with a mirror and light each day and have seen no evidence of abormal discharge or inflamed mucosa. I had a Pap smear in July at about the time I began to feel self conscious of my bottom, and it came back classI. It really is not as bad as when I wore nylon pantyhose without knickers (the crotch would become sodden and I think that contributed). I am of a mind to call my gynaecologist and see if she feels I need HRT orally or by creme. Sorry to rant, but I was so embarrassed today when a mail clerk bent over my desk and looked at me funny. Paranoid? Maybe! LOL!!Thank you all for listening.
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You can make your own douches too, to help save on cost.  Just cut the very top off of one of the OTC bottles you bought (a pair of manicure scissors cuts right through that thin plastic) and then add a little vinegar if you want.  Obviously don't cut the threaded part off or you'll never get the end screwed back on, but just the very top so you can fill it easily in the sink or shower.  Plain water also works very well just to freshen up and eliminate any discharge (for me anyways).
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