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Vaginal Odour

I'm having a problem with vaginal odour and am looking for a way to get rid of it. For approximately the last 6 months I've noticed that had a b.o. (body odoour) smell coming from my vagina. Actually the smell is generally strongest from my underwear, but if I change them then the smell is back in a short time period. I don't smell right after showering, but when I start to smell usually depends on what I'm doing during the day. I've never had this problem before and don't smell anywhere else. I shower at least once a day (more if I smell down there) and change my underwear frequently. There's no discharge, however my underwear is damp enough to be considered wet. I've tried shaving all hair so that there's nothing for the smell to attach to, and I also wash very thoroughly with soap. This all sounds so disgusting I know, but I just want it to go away! Any help is greatly appreciated!
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It could be possibly from a sexual transmitted disease, if you have a watery discharge (maybe the reason your underwear is damp) could mean genital herpes, often herpes is not visable in women and only the change is discharge is noticed.  Atrophic vaginitis also has a watery discharge but usally occurs in women who are post-menopausal or have had their ovaries removed.
Or it could be Bacterial vaginosis which has a strong odor but usually has white or grey watery discharge.  Best thing is to go to the OB/GYN.
Check this site out:

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ok thanks! so I actually had a PAP last week but was a little embarrassed to ask the doctor face to face (cause it just seems really gross). Are any of these things something that would show up  in the testing? Or is this something I should go back and get specialized tests for?

Thank you.
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I would think they would show up in the Pap but if everything comes back normal you may want to go in and talk to the doctor just in case.
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thank you very much!
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A pap only test for cancer... sometimes they can see yeast.. but aside from that no.  You need to get a culture to test for STD's.  you need to go back to the Dr.  Dont be embarassed Drs have seen everything!! good luck

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I agree with lisapep.  Don't be embarrassed one iota.  Doctors have seen it all, heard it all.  It's good that you're aware of your body and any variations in vaginal smell.  You should definitely bring it to their attention.

Good luck!
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