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Vaginal Problems.

Im 21 years old and me and my partner have only had one sexual partner (each other) and have been together 5 years. We have been sexually active from the get go, however about 3 years ago i started suffering with multiple problems! I have been experiencing paper-cut like tears, red rashes that can occasionally surface bleed, rare swelling, pain during intercourse, stinging when urinating (because of the cuts), itching, thick white discharge that can have the same feeling as a period and when i smoked i got twinges in the womb/lower stomach area. I have been smoke free for 5 months now and i've only had around 1/2 twinges however i'm still getting cuts,rashes and the rest! I use sanitary towels as tampons give me belly ache but sanitary towels cause major irritation and cuts can occur. I can also get cuts from simple tasks such as walking and getting out of bed!

Me and my partner have been to STI clinics for 'peace of mind' and both came back clear yet i was swollen cut and rashy all over my vagina and leading up my bum crack! Even they didn't know what caused it as test were clear! ive also been on steroid cream, eczema cream, no soaps, different detergent/ no detergent, loose clothes, thrush treatment, smears and still nothing!

My confidence has gone rock bottom and my sex life is non existent! Does anyone have a clue or same experience?      
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Ask for a referral to a dermatologist or the gynaecologist if the cuts are inside.  

Have you had a test to check if you have glucose intolerance or diabetes?  Any cuts and sores will take much longer to heal when suffering from this.

If you use latex condoms, you may have an allergy to them.  Use latex free ones.  

Get Epsom Salts (you can purchase a large quantity of this off the web at a fair price) and put in 3 cupfuls into your bath water.  Put some baby oil or some coconut oil into the water too as the Epsom Salts are drying to the skin.  Epsom Salts will neutralise the pH level on your skin allowing it to heal.  It can take a long time.  You need to wash in the morning and before going to bed.  Only wear cotton pants, or allow your skin to breath when wearing a skirt, by not wearing any underwear.

Wipe your bottom from front to back to avoid spreading any bacteria.

Ask your doctor to prescribe an anti microbial bath solution to pour into the bath water so you can soak in it (as well as using the Epsom Salts).  You will also need a moisturiser to apply to the skin, either a moisturising antiseptic or antibacterial emollient, which you can use instead of soap, or an moisturising oil spray called Emollin.

You can also try bathing in water with a couple of handfuls of oats added into the water, that can sometimes help.  The oats will not block the drain hole.

You can apply virgin coconut oil to your skin.  Coconut oil is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.  

You can also try and apply natural set yogurt to your genitals after you have washed and gently dried.  It will feel cold and it will reduce any inflammation and cool any soreness and itching.

Unfortunately, it takes a long time to get this type of condition under control and a high standard of hygiene must be adhered to.

Use non biological detergents and if you use fabric softeners, choose the one for delicate skin.

Steriod creams can thin the skin, so care should be taken when using it.  
Sometimes the antifungal treatment needs to be used for a few months to control it.  Eat a healthy and well balanced diet and cut out sugary, processed and junk foods.  Drink more water.

Make an appointment to see your doctor and ask to get checked for glucose intolerance/diabetes.  

Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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