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Vaginal Tear - Herpes or Yeast Infection?

I have been dealing with vaginal burning and redness for 2-3 months now. The only time I find minor relief is during the week of my period and about a week thereafter. Otherwise, the levels of discomfort vary but I never feel as though the pain is ever truly gone. I'm sure my stress doesn't make it any easier...

But on to my question - Last night, a tear opened in my vaginal area. It is located under my pubic hair at the top of my outer vaginal lips. The tear bled a small amount but I saw no other fluid. I have no other tears in or outside of my vagina. I'm wondering if this tear closely resembles a herpes lesion or if it sounds more like something that would be caused by a severe yeast infection? I would get the tear swabbed and cultured, but it tends to start healing fairly quickly...

Any info is greatly appreciated!
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Both my husband and i had full screening for VD prior to marrage. I have a few open wounds in my pubic area - very itchy.  I am trying to get pregnant and  so really concerned this could creat a complication.
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If it is herpies...don't fear...you can still get pregnant...I have herpies and have a 7 month old...more than likely you will have a c-section...
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Wanted to give you these archived sites to read over.  Saw your post on some other sites....think I may have even responded to one.  Just finished a big long post about our similarties and lost it somehow.  So in a "nutshell" (or at least a coconut shell!), it seems that Drs don't know much about the cause of these vaginal tears.  I'm finding that women who are both positive and negative for Herpes-2 have them.  Unfortunately, if you're positive, they tend to assume that's what's causing them.  My problem with that is I have had off and on cuts (with only a day or two without) for about 6-8 weeks now.  Supposedly, Herpes outbreaks only last 2-3 weeks tops.  Lately, my vaginal area has been VERY dry, and has suffered some or all of the following symptoms:  inflammation, redness, swelling, itchiness and overall discomfort.   I have had issues with Group B strep in the past two years and recently treated for what I thought to be another occurence, but I feel so confused about what's normal anymore, I'm not sure whether to get a refill for the Group B strep or if all these symptoms are caused by the Herpes Infection  (or if my parts are hopelessly falling apart.)

My main goal was to let you know not to stress about Herpes as it very well may not be.  And even if it is, it's not the end of the world.  (And you have all of us to support you!)  I hope you find some comfort soon.  Let us know what you find out as there are many of us still looking for answers.

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Check out vulvodynia. Also the vaginal splits and tears can be associated with low estrogen levels or possibly a vulvar dermatological problem like lichen planus.

Find a good knowledgable gyn or specialist.
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Thats the same thing with me! I have been getting this annoying cut on the left side near my vaginal opening and its not very big (No bumps or anything) and right after that heeled I got another paper like cut on the right side of my Vaginal opening and it seems they are on the crease! I have No clue what it is or if I should be worried! I just turned 20 and have only had one yeast infection in my entire life! I dont know if its a Yeast Infection or Genital Herpes outbreak! I got tested for Genital herpes which came out negative, but I have been looking online and alot of people say that many people get a misdiagonosis of Herpes as a Yeast infection. That is when I was diagonosed with a yeast infection (Papsmear and they found alittle Yeast). I've been lost ever since the Middle of November because this is when it seems to have been happening!
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I am not sure about your diagnosis- but I do know I was diagnosed with herpes and when I have outbreaks it is only slight little cuts I have never had anything else.  Valtrex does seem to work good as a treatment.
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Hi ladies.  There is another forum in here on this topic and I came across this one as well.  I cannot believe that so many of us are having the same issue with no results!  I am 24 and have suffered from these vaginal tears and itching off and on for many years.  I have found that it comes at the same general time in my menstrual cycle... and it is definately NOT HERPES!  I have regular check ups and have never been diagnosed with herpes (even before I became sexually active!).  I too think that it has something to do with the vaginal flora and the yeast levels.  I am a certified herbalist and nutritionalist, and I am starting to think that the cause for all of this may be a systemic candida infection.  Candida albicans is the scientific name for yeast.  When it becomes systemic it can cause all kinds of problems.  Google it and you will find many holistic websites that list the many and varied symptoms.  It effects everyone differently, so it can be hard to diagnose.  This is also the reason why the mainstream medical community does not really recognize systemic candida infections as a real illness.  

We are all on some version of the standard american diet... over processed foods with too much refined sugar>> candida's best friend!  I am not sure if this is a definitive answer, but don't be surprised if your GYN blows it off.  Most of them will not accept this as an answer but I am going to look into it more... Unfortunately, curing systemic candida usually requires major diet changes and a strict herbal regimen.  I will post again with more info when I can.  Good lcuk to you all... keep the info coming!
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Hey freya_faery,
  Thanks for your very informative comment. You're 100% correct!!!! I appreciate your knowledge. Please continue to bless with any additional info. PEACE AND BLESSINGS!!!!!!!
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WOW!  I can not believe that this is such an undiagnosed and unsolved problem for us.  I have all of the SAME issues...and I'm not even going to write my history or symptoms, because they are the SAME as almost all of the posts I just read.  
So here's my question:

what can I put on my vulva to stop the itching?

And here's my tip:

try pouring a cup of cool water over your vulva while urinating when you have tears/fissures...it dilutes the urine and decreases the burning.  

And here's my theory/question/hypothesis:

are we suffering from yeast infections/varying pH levels due to estrogen level imbalances?

peace to all...and let's FIGURE THIS OUT!  :-)

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Just a brief update ladies - Since originally submitting this post, I am really no closer to understanding what is going on...I tested negative for herpes 16+ weeks past my last initimate encounter. I have not gotten the cut for a couple of months now, but the burning and tingling pains continue after my period on a monthly basis.

I'm thinking this may be a hormonal issue - likely estrogen. I have been under enormous amounts of stress the past 6 months or so. In recent months my periods have become much lighter. Although I take birth control, I am wondering if there is not enough estrogen in my pill to overcome a natural estrogen dificiency. (However, I have had some light brown spotting today. It is about six days before my period, so I am not sure if this something abnormal or just my body secreting some old blood.)

I have been tested repeatedly for STDs and all have been negative.  I have had several wet mounts to check for BV and yeast and those were also negative. A urine culture was normal as well.

Besides hormones - other possible causes??

Hypersensitivity to yeast
pH levels
Dermatological problems - lichen planus or lichen sclerosis

Please ladies - Keep posting so we can all help each other!!

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i've been dealing with this same thing.  it started happening about 2 years ago, and back then it was frequent (once a month after my period) and finally i used a treatment for yeast infections and it went away immediately.  it didn't return until about a month and a half ago, when i started having sex with a new partner.  it wasn't very bad and went away after a few days, no cuts this time.  then, after a particularly long sexual session a few weeks ago it came back like crazy.  i had a terrible discharge and went to the doctor.  today i got the results and was told i had a strep b infection, and given a prescription for amoxil.  i only had one cut this time, at the top of my labia which happened when i was pulling them apart to look at everything.  i have been freaking out that this is herpes, but the tests showed this strep b infection.  the only info i can find on that is for pregnant women, elderly women, or women with compromised immune systems.  i'm none of those .  has anyone had this problem?  
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I'm both relieved and troubled to see so many ladies having the same problem. I was worried it was herpes at first, but I have had no contact with the virus. I noticed the problem began when I became active with a new partner, like echopk said. I have had intense vaginal itching and this tear for over awhile now...only relief being during and just after my period, like someone else said! I have tried yeast treatments, including taking regular probiotic supplements, but nothing seems to help.

I think it is possible the tear comes from pulling the labia apart to see what was going on with the itching (I was doing this very frequently for awhile) and possibly from sexual activity, also.

Do you think it is safe to get a bikini wax while having this problem? I'm really not sure...
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