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Vaginal Tearing during sex

I think, but not really sure if this is where I should post this.  But I have some questions that I would like to have answers to.  Recently my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time.  He is umm kinda big.  And I haven't had it that big before.  Anyway, when we first started there was no problems for entry but it started hurting.  It wasn't too big of a deal.  Well now I have tears...in two or three locations on the outside of my vaginal area.  It hurts to move in anyway including going to the bathroom for obvious reasons since they are cuts.  But I was wondering what I should do?  The pain is unbearable.  Almost like when I had my son and I ended up with four tears.  Thanks.
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There isnt much you can do.. Keep them clean with baby whipes or peroxide to fight any bacteria, and use neosporine at night time. During the day feels all mushy and grose, so I wouldnt use it during the day. :-)
I'd refrain from sex until they heal.. you dont want to irrate what's already irritated, you know? It shouldnt take more than a few days for the pain to go away.
Dont be afraid to ask questions... You can't shock us. :-) We've heard everything. hehe.
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my friend had this same problem. (although he's not even that large). anyway, i heard (maybe even here on this forum) to put desitin baby ointment on the affected area. she tried it and it worked. i also dont reccomend putting all sorts of things down in our delicate area (sometimes it can make it waaay worse) but you should contact your obgyn for an appt. this is VERY common. (tears, not being large..lol).
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use some lubrication that will probobly help like ky jelly or something.
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im not sure of peroxide down there either..OUCH
avoid soaps, warm bath, air dry, some hospitals use a heat lamp for tears, but you have to be careful with that.
If he is "big" lots of lubrication!!
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I would consult your doctor, if it is that painful you need to be seen. I am leery of suggesting treaments involving neosporin and such as some people don't react well and that is not an area that is generally safe to use neosporin.

When I had my boys, I had a 3rd degree epi with one and a small tear with the other. I was simply told to use the peri bottle and rinse with warm water frequently throughout the day and anytime after voiding.

Still, I would feel safest advising you to see your doctor and as the PP mentioned, avoid sexual activity until you are fully healed.

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I am so glad to have found this site. I have been with my boyfriend for more than 1 year. I had gotten tested for everything last year and our relationship is monogamous. This week I found a vaginal tear, however, I was also worried it was herpes! This has been the worst pain and it has not healed. I am thinking about going to the doctor just in case to rule out herpes. Any other suggestions? it is very nerve wreaking not knowing exactly what it is! Never had any  hx of anything. It hurts to go to the bathroom (urinate). Can underwear also cause the tears?
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