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Vaginal and anal tearing/fissures

For the last 6 months I have been getting tearing (look like paper cuts) in my vaginal area (1/4 to 1/2 inch long). I get the tears at least once or twice a week and they last from 2-4 days, go away for a few days and then come back. They continue to occur in the same locations;
1. Inside the vaginal lips on the sides almost always in the crease (between the labia minora and majora?)
2. Between the anus and vaginal opening (perineum)
3. Above the clitoris in the "hood" area.

This tearing is not related to intercourse since my husband and I are unable to do that due to the pain it causes me.  There is no real pain otherwise. I am getting some minor bleeding when I poop due to the tears in the anal area. The entire vaginal area is very itchy and if I scratch or rub the skin at all I often give myself one of these tears.  It seems as if the skin is very thin. There are no other symptoms that I am aware of.

I have had blood work and a biopsy done. Some of the things that I was tested for were; genital herpes, lichen sclerosus, lichen simplex chronicus, lichen planus, vulvar vestibulitis.  All results came back negative. The biopsy tested positive for "healing ulcers". My doctor does not seem to know what the problem is and is contacting a specialist in Lebanon, NH.

My Dr. prescribed an estrogen cream which did not seem to work. I have not been on any other medication for this. I am looking for some guidance as to what this condition may be and how to treat it. My husband & I want to get pregnant soon but I would like to resolve this issue first. Please help.
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thanks.your comment is very helpful.
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apparently I've had an vaginal+anal fissure for 24 years
I have suspected it for many yrs. but due to no insurance and poor health care nobody noticed or cared.
I recently fired $150 and went to a gynecologist.
I was told right away there was a fissure that went straight from my vagina to my anus.
Freaking out
okay kinda gross but here goes
I got poop coming out of my vagina when I cough teal hard, of I throw up and yes when I poop. I have been using a douche to flush out my vagina using just water to prevent any infections. So far have have never had one but  still concerned of possible health risks. I go from constipated to diariah in a in a minute
My doctor just said I need surgery. No explanation of the risks the benefits nothing ! I will have to hope charity care will even cover this surgery? And how will the quality of the care be ? Has anyone had this surgery ? Can u offer your opinion of the risks and benefits and what are they actually
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I had several anal vaginal fistulas caused by Crohn's disease. I had them repaired by a colorectal surgeon 12 years ago. If the doctor knows what they're doing its very simple problem to repair. She went up inside my rectum and found where the fistula originated and put a "patch" on it and it healed over in a few weeks.  It is done under general anesthesia.  Make sure the doctor is board certified colorectal surgeon. In Los Angeles, the surgeon was Beth Moore, md at cedar Sinai hospital. Good luck!
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I have been suffering about 12 yrs now from recurring perineal and anal fissures. The perineal fissures happen just about every time I have intercourse and the anal fissures happen about once or twice a month. It could be due to previous yeast infections or genital herpes outbreaks or PCOS hormone imbalances or the fact that I'm no spring chicken anymore. It could also be that it's happened so much that I have scar tissue build up which makes the tissue less pliable. All I know is I've tried lots of lubricant and researched lots of possible issues. My skin seems thin and it seems like when I spread my legs apart the skin only stretches a certain extent and stops. Combine these and it leads me to believe whatever caused that is what causes the tears. Perhaps I was born with it? Or again perhaps it's a hormone imbalance. The only resolve I've found it cleaning immediately after intercourse with hydrogen peroxide since alcohol makes me scream with pain and then my hubby seals the fissures with Nexcare crack care liquid as it's the only brand I found that worked best without causing pain as well. By cleaning and sealing right away it keeps irritants out and heels faster. Occasionally I have to recheck for reopenings. Until I find a true diagnosis or cure I hope this helps other sufferers. For those who are young (in their teens) I'd recommend a trip to see your Dr or Gynocologist just to be sure what if they can find out it is. I know when I was young I didn't know as much about my body as I do now.
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Thank you all for sharing your experiences! Here is mine:

My background:
-25 years old
-have not taken any form of birth control for five years (I took Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo and then Hi for 2 years)
-became sexually active at age 18
-am sporadically sexually active with inconsistent partners
-use condoms
-don't use lubrication
-use Tampax tampons
-have history if yeast infections and often experience dryness

About five days after coming home from a 7-day trip to Bali in mid-August where I had sex with a new partner I noticed my vagina was abnormally dry, itchy, and a bit swollen. I attributed this to wearing tight pants and sitting for an extended period of time but was also very wary of possible STDs because when having sex with my partner in Bali one of our condoms had broken.

Two days later the swelling continued and I noticed a change in discharge. It seemed to increase in quantity and became more watery. Many of these symptoms are consistent with herpes symptoms so I convinced myself that this is what I had. When the painful fissures appeared I was pretty positive they were a herpes outbreak. They started along one side of my vagina and moved to my anus.

I went to a clinic in Perth, Australia six days after the fissures cleared (did not know they were fissures at the time) where I was examined and had a blood test for STDs. The doctor told me she didn't suspect herpes and did a pH test and attributed my symptoms to a bad yeast infection. All STD results came back negative. I was skeptical and was still convinced that I had herpes.

Saw my gynecologist 20 days after this and he told me he suspected herpes. He swabbed a bump that he said looked suspicious which came back negative for herpes (although he said that many tests come back with false negatives).

I told my partner from Bali that it was very likely that I had herpes and he was genuinely surprised because he has had no symptoms and has never been made aware that he has possibly been exposed (side note: I am well aware that most men are asymptomatic and many people are also in denial). I started seeing a therapist to help cope with my herpes diagnosis.

I scheduled another appointment with my gynecologist ten days after he diagnosed me with herpes to discuss questions I had about treatment, management, etc. That morning I happened to wake up with vaginal fissures (I thought it was a herpes outbreak). After examination my gynecologist retracted his initial diagnosis of herpes and told me they were fissures. He simply said that it is a skin condition with no known cause and that I just have sensitive skin. He told me to use Triple Paste cream which is also used for skin conditions like eczema. So far I have not used any treatment except for Aquaphor to sooth the pain and help with dryness.

My gynecologist had tested me for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, and syphilis from my blood. The swabs he took checked for ureaplasma and mycoplasma, gonorrhea, chlamydia, yeast, bacteria, and any possible vaginal infection and all came back negative. Even yeast! I am so confused.
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Please look up "Jock itch in women" - that is what I did and followed a weekly regimen of using 1. Lamisel 1x/day, 2. washing the lower extremities with selenium sulfide (dandruff shampoo) 2x/day and 3. Taking two doses of oral anti fungal Diflucan.  I did this for one week and it cleared up - now I just use the selenium sulfide wash when I shower to keep it at bay.  I also got all new underwear, change my underwear every day and no longer use panty liners.  I hope this helps someone!
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I have had the same thing going on. I was told it is due to toilet paper and to use flush able baby wipes. It feels itchy, painful like paper cuts and dry! I also found bits of toilet paper has anybody else tried baby wipes or maybe it's because of my birth control (I have the implanon and don't get a period at all)... Could it be from no period? Or maybe it is an irritation from my tp and small cuts.... It's itchy and not and std or anything I'm not sexually active. I also noticed a brown pink discharge that was only one day. Sorta worried me but I'm almost certain I have vaginal fissures due to my tp irritating me
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Fixed mine!  Found my symptoms matched "lichen sclerosus", and used hydrocortisone cream (over the counter) for 4 days and nights, generously.  Today, I'm back to normal.
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Rectocele,may be an issue for this too. After reading other sites,bring me to this forum,same symptoms...however no tears. I to have the itching,burning when I pee,swelling and blood. All I had been using was ice between the cheeks...cold but felt good...I swear that it feels like there are tears galore in the "taint" area...so called.... but my husband assures me there is none. Tried lots...of creams,but nothing seems to work. Just wondering if this Rectocele thing may be attributing to it all. I just hope someone out there has the answer.
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I've been having similar issues with a vaginal fissure on and off for about eight months now. It always opens in the same spot and It only seems to happen during intercourse. I had witch hazel recommended to me to help with pain but it did not work for me. When it first began I went to my gynecologist and she recommended using Vaseline or olive oil to help lubricate the area more during intercourse. This worked for a while however my problem started back up again within a month. I returned to my gyno today and she suggested cauterizing, however it's difficult to schedule an appointment because I never know when the fissure will tear again. Her only other suggestion (if the cauterizing doesn't work) is to have an episiotomy. I am hesitant to have this procedure done but am afraid there is no other choice.

My background:
I am 23.
neither of us have STDs.
been on birth control "Caziant" for almost three years.
use Equate lubricant, Tampax or U by Kotex tampons & Trojan Condoms

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I agree with you 100% here.  This tearing started with me suddenly and so I went back in my mind to see what I have changed in my lifestyle. (1) I sit a lot at the computer and this would be a lack of circulation in the vaginal area. (2) I use those flush able wipes every time I use the restroom. (2) I started drinking a cold beer with popcorn every night as my treat for the day. "Bingo!" YEAST!  Pure-raw Shea Butter is very high in vitamins A K & E.  I will start eating yogurt as my treat and sit on a doughnut cushion at the computer until I heal. Keep it clean with a different brand of wipes and drink more water in stead of beer.
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I first noticed my fissure around a yr ago. As most of you did, i got tested for all sorts of STDs which all came back negative. I did get diagnosed with yeast ( I believe I have chronic yeast as I am forever getting an infection). I started researching this thing and came across information on natural cures for chronic yeast. COCONUT OIL. Pure unrefined, GMO free and organic. Use it right after your shower, ( remember to shower only) this soothes the fissures itching and dryness. I use the oil regularly even after peeing. I tried tea tree oil also. Just rubbed it on the fissure directly. Seems to heal the fissure, but then it reopened with intercourse (go figure!). But research coconut oil. I also wash down there frequently throughout the day and reapply the coconut oil.
I have another doctor's visit coming up and will get rechecked again. This thing is just too uncomfortable!!!
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Hey all- not sure if this is a cure or even if it is safe-- ask your doctor ASAP.  

My suggestion for everyone who has vulvodynia/ vaginal pain and/or anal fissures---- try a powdered Magnesium supplement.  I have been having dispareunia and some muscle cramping in the vaginal/bladder/groin region for a (two years?).  Went through phys therapy which seemed to help.  Most helpful though, a combo of high fiber (chia and flax with appleseed before bed every night) and MAGNESIUM powder have helped me to cope.  

I am concerned that my kidneys may not be healthy- that this all might have something to do with an inability to process fluids the way I should ... I have had kidney stones and they do run in my family... but if I use Magnesium sparingly, the pain in my lady-parts and the tearing in my anus at least temporarily subside.  Usually the vaginal pain is at least aided within 30 min of taking a magnesium powder/water supplement, and the anal fissures are generally less painful (softer stool) by the next morning.  The fiber stuff should really be part of a healthy routine, too.

Not to be redundant, but to be clear:
Magnesium powder has made my life livable during this time-- truly made a world of difference.  I sometimes think that this might all be stress related, as the magnesium is a tonic for nerves and helps these for me as well.  

Ask your doctor- but definitely give this a try-- these supplements are generally believed to be safe (though people with kidney problems need to be a little extra careful).

Good luck
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*correcting typos above-- had this for a while, two years or so...


it's chia with flax and applesauce before bed
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Hey, I read your post. SInce you get better using the magnesium powder why don't you try taking a Magnesium supplement? I was reading this enormous tread yesterday (5/31/14) and I came across this lady that had her fissures problem solved by taking that, apparently one of the doctors suggested that. I also saw something about vitamin C deficiency in another comment. Anyway, after all I read I head up to the store and got myself some of those supplements just in case. Apparently Magnesium deficiency is hard to detect according to this link :
I'm also going to the doc to be tested for Group B strep, Lichen Sclerosus and HPV/VIN - those are other things that I read that some other people suggested and since a lot of people seem to have been to 3, 4, 5 and even more doctors that had no idea or were treating them for yeast and Herpes with no cure, I thought it will be nice to have all this info handy to tell my doctor just in case he is another one with no clue.
Starting on the supplement won't hurt right? I hope this help.
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Dear Forum,

First of all, I have been reading your forums for weeks. I have had anal and vaginal fissures and extreme inflammation, caused by what I think was a UTI and Yeast Infection. I did have a UTI and Yeast Infection confirmed. However, I do not know for certain if this correlates.

My first fissure, I believe, was caused by a knick when trimming down there. About a week later I had intercourse. I developed two additional fissures between my anus and vagina (he is well above average and it was my first time). Then another when I had severe constipation.

I was treated for the UTI. UTI went away. Then the Yeast Infection. It helped calm down some of my anal and vaginal itching. I was then prescribed proctofoam which hurt SO much. I cried and cried and then had to bath three separate times just to feel semi-ok. I must have been allergic. This was not normal.

Anyway, two months in, I truly feel like my life *****. A few days after completing my Yeast treatment, I get yeast yet again. Treated again, this time myself using drug store level ointments that i bought for $10-$15. Clears up, but I'm still in so much pain, every day. I can't go out with my friends. I can't exercise. I'm itchy and pinchy and terribly achy. The whole area by that time was radiating pain.

I can't get a good look of that area, so, reluctantly, I asked my mother to take a look. She said I had no fissures anymore in the area at all. How can that be???!?!!? The pain! But, that I looked extremely inflamed and swollen. It was red and radiating heat.

She cut open an aloe vera pill, got a qtip, and put some on.

It is now about 1 hour since she did that. I am in 95% less pain.

I don't know how, but aloe vera cured all my symptoms. She took another look and said all the redness is gone.

I really thought the rest of my life would be this way. I'm so happy I cried. I've been in so much pain for two months and my pain is over! ALOE VERA GEL! Organic with no additives. Pure!

Make sure you still have your anal or vaginal fissure. It could have healed itself, but left you with some type of inflammation, like me.

Note: i never had hemorrhoids but suffer from constipation and stomach inflammation.
You may also use pure raw honey.
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I am 21 and in the UK. For the last 4-5 months I have had a consistent tear and soreness especially on the left side of my inner labia.

I visited the STI clinic twice and the doctors said this was not herpes however I requested to be swabbed anyway. The results for all tests were negative.

This was the most stressful and depressing time of my life, I was given antibiotics at the doctors which made me rly sore and itchy. I also had a lot of white discharge.

Around when this happened I started taking Yasmin. About a week ago I went back to the doctors who said she thinks this is thrush. I was very skeptical about this as I've had thrush many times and had no symptons near as bad as this. I used a pessary and hydrocortisone cream twice daily. It made no difference for the first 7 days. I was also given a new pill cerelle which is a pro-oestrogen only pill.

After taking this pill for two days my vagina feels normal again !!! I'm not sure if this was the hydrocortisone cream or the new pill that made it better but I have researched and too much Oestrogen can cause as much damage as too little Oestrogen. Perhaps I had a hormone imbalance, I am praying this doesn't return and I can get back to living my normal life again.

There are a million reasons for vaginal tears don't panic it's herpes as I did. Definitely be persistent with your doctor and don't give up !! Goodluck all :)
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I am 41 and my daughter is 17,  we both experienced the same symptom with the cuts and itchyness after we changed toilet paper. We think its the chemicals in the paper they are using.
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I started to get cuts appearing on my labia in my forties and got no answers from any gyneacologist. I have now got rid of them by using a short course of Canestan Hydrocrtisone cream (it thins the skin so don't use for too long). What has kept it at bay and got rid of the Lichen Planus I also had is coconut oil. I used it daily for weeks and the cuts have never come back. Coconut oil is antifungal. I also use oestrogen cream.
Whilst the cuts have gone I still have a problem with the skin below the vagina splitting with intercourse, despite the oestrogen cream. I worry I will always be single as intercourse hurts too much now. Would be grateful to hear if anyone has been able to sort this problem.
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Hello everyone, like you I suffered from vaginal tearing and fissures for about 3 years. Although our circumstances may be a different I think it is worth a shot to try this cream that my doctor gave me. I am 23 years old and starting tearing since I was 20. I started to have sex when I was 20 and a bit after I started tearing after sex. It was the same paper cut like ripping that burned and just made me miserable. And although sex was the main reason why I would rip, i remember a few times I would get really irritated just from stretching. I am still with my boyfriend from when the ripping first started and I went from doctor to doctor (No STD's, not allergic to anything, etc) and just about every time was a let down. I was told to try x,y,z cream, dont wash with soap, do a sitz bath, to having HIM checked out if he had a skin type that wasn't compatible to mine (weird right), to finally hearing "you may just have to be extra careful with sex or regular stretching from now on". And I am telling you ladies, I know how this feels and can just ruin your self esteem and any thought of having an actual pleasurable sex life. It wasn't until this past year I went to a different gynecologist and I told her everything that I have been through. I told her that I have had it up to here and want to get the surgery done where the opening is just widened a bit ( i think its called a perineum) because I was so desperate!. And while she told me this is usually done only for women after they have had babies she would agree to do it but first she wanted me to try this cream  because she believes I have vulvar vestibulitis. Now I dont think this cream has an exact name as I had to go to a special pharmacy to get this cream made but I will write down the name that is on my prescription. It is: C-amitriptyl/Baclofen 2%/ 2% IN VANICREAM. Now she told me to apply about 1/2 grams three times a day for the first month, then lessen to two times a day on the second month, to once a day on the third month. She told me that I would maybe need to always have a little bit of this cream handy just incase i start ripping again. Although I was extremely skeptical. I did tried this. I should also note that during the first and halfway through the second month my boyfriend was overseas in the military, so I was having no sex (which i think helped the skin heal and strengthen faster). The first night we had sex, i ripped a little bit. (ugh!) And I was not surprised just annoyed. But I didn't stop using the cream. After a few more days, we had sex again, and I didn't rip. Then as time went by I stopped ripping completely!! Mind you we are a bit more cautious in certain positions but we do like to get a little crazy, and even at the crazy time I dont rip! I have been a little irritated but at those times I know it because we had rough sex. I now use the cream just once every other day ( or when I can remember) and hopefully in a few months I won't use it at all! So ladies, if you can go to your gynecologist and ask them about this cream!!

Good Luck!
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I am a 19 year old female who is a virgin. I have a really bad history with endometriosis and intercystialcystitis and pelvic inflammatory disease.  I have had re-occurring yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis for the past 8 months. I have changed my diet, changed laundry detergents, and even changed the kind of body wash I would normally use. This has still continued for 8 months straight. I have gone to the doctor multiple times and have been on flygal, doxycycline, nystatin cream, nystatin powder, oral nystatyin, diflucan, steroid injections, and many other medications. Nothing has seemed to work. I have been tested for diabetes, std's (because my doctor said it could be that) I TOLD HIM I WAS A VIRGIN, and many other things that I didn't even know existed all in which came back negative. My question is: Why do I still accumulate the infections?? That's all I want to know. I have had the infection at a severity that is so bad an had it for so long that I am literally raw from the front to the back. I am miserable. It hurts to sit, stand, walk, squat, anything... it just hurts and is very uncomfortable. On top of that, I feel gross, I bathe up to 3 times a day just to feel clean and refreshed. It is just terrible. I have noticed since all of this began that my periods have been really late also. I just want to know, like anyone else would want to know whats wrong with me? I have gone to the obgyn, family medical practice, and urologists. I am at the end of my rope and just want to get to the bottom of this!!!!! Any help???? Any Suggestions???
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could also be lichens schlerosis, I was always told for years that i was sufferng with yeast infections but it's lichens schlerosis.. my symptoms are always worse in the winter, I think it's because i eat more carbs like baked goods around the olidays. so i am now trying to eat gluten free and low carb, and i am taking more vitamin D, because we get less sun in the winter too.
Dis going gluten free help? Any other update?
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i suffer with this same problem, i think its worse near period because we have a tendency to eat more carbs and sweets from pms.  i find that if i stay lo carg or gluten free and lo sugar or no sugar, i get better quick
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I have been plagued with these vaginal cuts for over 5 years now.
I am 54 yrs old now. For the last 4 months I have been cut free.
For some reason I decide to read up on Milk Thistle.  Well it works with Diabetes which I have also. Works with your Mucus Membranes also.
So I started taking 2 capsules 3 times a day.
On the 3rd day I started using just twice a day.
I feel amazing, No cuts and my Diabetes is better.
Plus, in 4 mths I have lost 28 lbs. My skin all over feels amazing.

God is good I will continue to use the Milk Thistle Capsules Every Day.

Look up Milk Thistle and Vaginal Fissures you will be amazed.

I pray that you all can find relief also.

How are things now? Its been a few years since your last post.
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Have you found a solution? I am 14 and have the same issue
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Now am normal again from the problem of vaginal dryness,i have been suffering from it for a very long time until i saw a post on the net about i doc who can give a permanent cure to the problem,i contacted him and that was how i was cured from it now my vaginal is always wet when ever i am in a romantic mud or during sex.any body with such problem can contact him on ***@**** or +2348126012501
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Now am normal again from the problem of vaginal dryness,i have been suffering from it for a very long time until i saw a post on the net about i doc who can give a permanent cure to the problem,i contacted him and that was how i was cured from it now my vaginal is always wet when ever i am in a romantic mud or during sex.any body with such problem can contact him on ***@**** or +2348126012501
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I have the same problem. Zinc cream for babies works well as a barrier cream from urine and feces causing the fissures to burn/sting, and is supposed to promote healing of perineal skin.
I thought that perhaps this was a persistent yeast infection, but it would seem that no treatment works. I've tried Monistat and Canestin both vaginal suppository and oral and nothing changes. The antifungal creams that come in these kits only make the fissures burn and become itchy.
I find that they only itch when they get to a certain point in the healing process. Sometimes just squatting or wiping can rip them back open.

I'm wondering if this has anything to do with low estrogen levels - much like older women going through menopause.
Is everyone on birth control pills? Perhaps the interference in hormone levels is the culprit?
I would love to figure this out so I don't have to suffer with these anymore..
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There is a cream but it is from Australia, still, worth getting it. Obviously not guaranteed but I came across it and gave it a go. It soothes the skin and almost makes the skin feel more elastic if that makes sense. Talk about the best thing I have had. Anyway, if you want to give it a go, it is called Skin Plus Relief Cream from a company called Kuush www.kuush.com Just beware not to use too much because a little goes a long way.  
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Tell mom-she has been there done that and will help.  Or, ask to see a dr.
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I really hope that some of you ladies are finding relief. I was suffering from similar issues, which have been especially bad for the last 10 months or so. I was diagnosed with Lichen Schlerosus about 5 years ago and seemed to respond to topical corticosteroids initially, but then had a few glorious years without any real symptoms.  My obgyn didn’t think it looked like lichen schlerosus but couldn’t offer any help. I went to my dermatologist, who kind of blew me off at first. But then I went back to the dermatologist during a flare up and demand to be tested for a possible allergy to toilet paper. I couldn’t think of anything else that might be causing it because I stopped putting anything down there in the hope that my body might resolve the issue. So my dermatologist recently referred me for an allergy patch test (I got the T.R.U.E. patch test) and learned that I am EXTREMELY allergic to gold! I know, gold. Ugh. I've been wearing my white gold wedding band and ring for the past 10 years and was given a gold necklace last fall - this would account for all of my recent problems. But I admit, I was skeptical (to say the least) that a necklace would be responsible for all the hell I had been experiencing. I did some research and learned that although the areas that where jewelry is worn are sometimes unaffected, people can have reactions elsewhere on their body-including-DING DING DING- their vulvar and anal areas!!!!  And I did have flare ups in the vulvar and anal regions and extreme discomfort. But ever since I stopped wearing any jewelry (just to be sure!) I have been symptom free!!!! It’s been about 6 weeks and let me tell you, it’s been like heaven. I’m don’t even have to treat the area with any ointments!  I share this news in the hopes that some of you will have similar responses. I was suffering from swollen, inflamed, itchy, painful, and eventually had fissures in my vulvar skin. As you know, not fun. During a flare-up (which was at least weekly and would last for days) it affected just about every area of my life. I’m now not convinced that I even have Lichen Schlerosus – I think it was the gold allergy all along.
To find out more about this, look at the Allergic contact dermatitis section of the below link (page 4). And please ask your doctor, obgyn, or dermatologist to refer you for an Allergy Patch test. It’s not the most fun test to go through, BUT the possibility of change and HEALTHY skin is totally worth it. For you it might not be gold, but there may just be some other almost unbelievable explanation for this unfortunate pain. Best wishes on your journeys ladies!

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I have been reading these comments for about a week now and still haven’t been able to get through it all.  Such valuable information!  Nonetheless, just as so many have stated before, I am so happy to see that I’m not alone.  When I googled, this blog is the first thing that came up and I’m praying that I will find answers too.  I’m 43 with 2 kids and eat fairly well, exercise regularly and I’m healthy with no major issues ever.  I have no allergies and life is for the most part normal with typical stresses of running a business and being a mother. I use an IUD and I don’t see any specific time of when the tears started happening, ie after sex or before menstruation etc.  I just have had no relief whatsoever since August!  My story began about 4-5 months ago with just 1 tear along the crease where my labia minora meets the majora.  After about a month, it seemed to have healed with Neosporin and wearing a lot of skirts with no underwear.  I thought I had caught a nail or maybe my husband caught his nail or it was tampon insertion or waxing.  It went away before my annual gyno exam so I never brought it up to my doctor.  It came back with a vengeance after a month.  The same cut in the same place came back and grew longer and even more painful and after some time, I had massive itching and burning.  I started treating myself with Neosporin again but did research and thought I was just experiencing vaginal dryness, even though I’m not even close to premenopausal.  After research for dryness, I started using vitamin E oil and A & D ointment  and that kept the cut at bay but not healed.  Then I started getting fissures in my perineum and anus and I figured then it must be hemorrhoids and started treating accordingly.  Naturally everything got much worse and I felt like I was pooping glass and was bleeding with every wipe.  The itchiness has been UNBEARABLE!  Wiping caused more tears and I had to brace myself with every trip to the toilet.  I finally went to my gyno but could only see the nurse just a couple of weeks ago. I was handed the news of possible Herpes 2 and after a LONG and frightening week, the blood test and culture came back negative.  Phew! But what the heck is this!  While I was waiting for results, I was given 2 samples of creams and found the one with 1% hydrocortisone relieved symptoms by 50% within 24 hours.  I have the over the counter cream Cortisone 10 and started using that.  Within 3-4 days I was almost completely healed.  I purposely stopped using the cream for 2 days in order to go to my follow up appointment with some fissures.  Yesterday, I saw my doctor and I brought up this blog and some of the suggestions for causes.  She tested me for autoimmune diseases and swabbed for yeast infection.  She prescribed me a corticosteroid ointment.  It appears to be working now almost 24 hours later but the Cortisone 10 seemed to have been more effective.  I’m giving this ointment 3 more days and if there’s not at least 90% relief from the itch or the fissures aren’t starting to heal, I plan to just use the Cortisone 10.  Although, I wouldn’t want an official diagnosis of an autoimmune disease, it would at least be an answer.  I’m terrified that I will fall under the umbrella of the big question mark like so many others in earlier posts and will have to constantly fear of a new fissure or reoccurrence or the old method doesn’t work anymore etc.    But for now, try Cortisone 10.  It has worked well for me.  I’ll post again once I get my results.  Best wishes to the future and present sufferers and would love to hear from any of the older posts.
I have almost the same problem. I feel like I am allergic to myself. After intercourse the sperm would burn my bottom. I couldn't wait to wash it off. I was tested for everything even diabetes. Every test came back negative. The only relief is using the Hydrocortisone 1% cream. I have had a pilonidal abscess removed and when they drained it it went all down the whole front of my bottom I don't know if  that is what causes the clogged pores that I've gotten only since I've had the abscess drained and removed. And I was told I would always have to use an antibacterial soap on my bottom  I don't know if that's the cause .  Any help would be appreciated thank you Marcia
Please check out Lichen Schlerosis
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Thank God I'm not the only person who is dealing with all of this!  I've had this problem for a few years now.  I've had it when sexually active for long periods and when celibate for long periods. After reading all of these posts and doing some digging around on the internet, I have a working theory that it is low estrogen levels.  I have yeast infections from time to time (which can be caused by low estrogen levels).  I have Crohn's Disease, an inflammatory bowel disease, which is what I was blaming the issue on because I have more bowel movements and thus wipe more with TP and I thought that was drying out my skin down there and irritating it, but come to find out IBD can also cause lower estrogen.  In addition, it has gotten worse lately, but I have been running a lot and am quite thin now, which can also cause lower estrogen levels. I'm going to experiment with herbal supplements that raise estrogen (chaste berry, black cohosh, Maca, Damiana, ginseng).  I found one that has a mix of all of these.  Also, eating certain fruits, red meat, egg yolks, and soy can help boost estrogen levels.  I hope it works.  This really *****!
Follow-up from my last post, a bunch of y'all posted that it often comes on or gets worse right before their periods, which also feeds into my theory because estrogen levels dip right before your period.
Wowwww, I really thought I was the only one dealing with this tear in that particular area. I can agree with the low estrogen levels being that this never happened before my hysterectomy. My body has gone through so many post hysterectomy issues until I wished I had gone another route and not had the complete procedure done. My gynecologist put me on a low estrogen to bring some elasticity back to my vaginal area. I am hoping and praying that in time, more sooner than later, it will help. Intercourse is very painful so it makes my love life less lovely!!!
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I have the exact same symptoms! I have an internal tear, that tears back open every time we have sex and nothing so far has helped. So I'm wondering did the cauterizing work? If not, did you do the episiotomy? That will be my next step as well, my dr wants to leave it as a last resort cuz she mentioned it doesn't always work and may make the situation worse. Any input you have will be greatly appreciated because I've dealt with this for 3 years now and I'm beyond frustrated!
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i get the same i found out that it was caused by toilet paper residue. It takes a few days of washing and it goes away and comes back the same day right after I use toilet paper. It really breaks up fine and makes its way inside and takes a few days to fully be washed out. It is hard to avoid since i am hardly home and stuck having to use public washrooms a lot and tend to run out of travel wipes.  
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I use the same intuition shaver. I've often thought that caused it. I realize you posted this over 10 years ago, did the problem go away for you? I've been dealing with it for a year now.
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I am 15 years old. I've never had sex, but I am experiencing the same thing. I also have excima, or really dry skin in areas(behind the neck, in the creases of my arms,behind my knees, and on my lower face). My doctor had prescribed me a trimcinolone acetonide cream. I started using that on the small cuts down there an I've found that it helps. It could be just me but it's worth giving it a shot.
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Out of the clear blue I developed a tear on left side of vaginal opening. It bled slightly when I wiped. Like dots. Then it burned terribly every time I urinated. i could hardly walk or sit. My friend had the same thing happen a few years ago and said get triple antibiotic cream. i did, along with tucks pads. Now, 3 days later, not gone but much much better. Mine is hormonal...menopause dryness makes skin thinner:( i feel for anyone with this problem. So painful.
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Did they check for vitamin December levels and signs and symptoms  of  malnutrition? You can get those fissures on the corner of your mouth also. Usually caned by some type of deficiency or change in diet. Some medicationsay can cause this also.
Ive had this problem for a few years, and lately I have gotten the cracked corner of mouth problem. I have suspected it is hormones or some sort of imbalances. What tests have u had or recommend?
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I have this exact same issue. I'm told it is due to lack of hormones. I can tell you now that I have found something that actually helps. Apply a small amount of Organic Coconut Oil twice daily.
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I used to have the same symptoms. I realized that having sex while being constipated,  make the skin in that area open up. Maybe too much pressure in that area? I make sure I empty my bowels before sex, and I haven't had those cuts for years!
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I have the same exact issue. I'm 46 been dealing for 2 years. Frustrated and seriously depressed over it. I've tried everything except coconut oil or cauterizing. If anyone has a solution, please let me know. I know that urea plasma has been known to cause some issues but I was tested negative.
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I often itch too but closer to my cycle time. Best thing that works for me is Vaseline it helps it heal fast because the Tears hurt. I would also change your soap too anything with fragrance may cause itching and irritation
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What you guys can use is anbesol oral anesthetic/benzocaine regular stregth gel. Its not just for toothache etc.it is also use for the virginal area for itching etc. It works really well. Anbesol is surely a solution to your problems, apply only to the outer area not the inner virgina area.
I have vaginal fissure that reopens and closes near the forschette, at the perineum, i have couple of sex partners, but accidentally married the "biggest one", at the begining i didnt know what the hell was going on down there, then i went at my gyno and she explained it to me that it was duo to my husband being too big, i know it is from him he has 5.9 inch penis girth,(circumference), i know that average girth is 4.7 inch, so i know it is from his thickness, that i tear every time we have sex and at the beginning it were huge tears, but since i started using virgin coconut oil i get fewer tears, if i tore for example everytime we had sex, now i i tore every second time we are having sex and in certain positions more badly, but its like pencil line, and i have herpes, but i dont think it is causing the tear, i tear at the same place for 4 years, and it is happening only after rough sex and in certain positions and is more bad if i havent been lubricated with the coconut oil, and if we havent had much foreplay, so i suggest plenty of foreplay before sex, i am considering leaving my husband, because i know that he is causing the problem, because i had 6 year relationship with much smaller guy and i havent had any promlems whatsoever down there, in fact the sex was amazing with the "smaller penis guy" so i know it is the girth that is causing this, i was worried earlier but as time passes i am more convinced that i should get a divorce, we only live once, i dont want to tear till the rest of my days and be in a constant worry whether i will develop something more serious like lichen sclerosis or some autoimmune disease, since i read that lichen sclerosis begins with something like a normal cut, i worry because i tore at the same place, all the time and the skin is irritated and there is a proccess of healing all the time at the same spot, so i am deadly afraid it could cause lichen sclerosis, which is uncurable.
Yeah you go girl, **** the part in the vows that said “for better or worse”!
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Dose this cause to have sex reason I ask because partner mite be cheating hopefully I'm wrong
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Try to use Aloe but don't buy a gel. Just go to the vegetables store and buy a big Aloe leaf. Cut piece of it then cut this piece in half ( the way you would cut a Kaiser roll). Cut out the soft gel from it and apply to the skin. Aloe heels wounds, burns and even hemorrhoids. Maybe it will help you with those tearing problems. Try to avoid g- strings as well. I think Aloe will help just use it for some time.
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wanna use this medium to inform everyone ,about traditional medicine. i ordered  for hsv herbal medicine from dr.***@**** email i saw in vegan post on facebook. And received it through ups within 5 days and used it as directed . in just 2 weeks of medication i felt relived, the inching suddenly stopped, the cold sore began to dry up. i went for a text and was HSV 2 negative . same virus the scientific researchers said no definite cure, i endorse traditional herbal medicine for all who are in need of alternative cure for any deadly disease that can cause .infertility and discomfort.
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I know this is a really old question but no one  had mentioned that it could be a yeast infection. Take probiotics if you have dry itchy skin down there and see if that helps. Avoid alcohol and reduce sugar intake Until it clears up. And always pee after sex!
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This could be caused by bacterial vaginosis. You can have no symptoms besides the fissures.

Also, there is not really a test for vulvar vestibultis besides the qtip test so I would not rule out that you have that. Magnetic Dilators can be very helpful at home for that.
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Hello, I know this post is over a year ago but I have been dealing with the same cuts/tears to the labia/perineum/anal area for the past few months. Ive been searching all over the internet and stumbled upon this thread today! I've been swabbed for yeast and bacteria and both were negative. I went to a gynecologist today and the nurse practitioner swabbed me again and also is running an STD panel. Have any of you by any chance found out what was causing your cuts? I'm hoping for some answers because this has affected me both physically and mentally the past few months.
Hope you have had a diagnosis and are feeling better by now.  In case you are still looking for answers - there is a condition called lichen sclerosis which causes cuts tears in the areas you describe.  This is diagnosed normally by doing a vulval biopsy and treated with steroid creams.  It is a life long condition but managed correctly can be controlled.
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