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Vaginal bleeding after/during sex and with a bowel movement

I have Endomertiosos and another condition called Adenomyosis. I have been plagued by the symptoms from those problems for years now. But recently I have a new symptom and I am worried. A few months ago I started bleeding vaginaly during a bowel movement which still happends often...it also happends during and after intercourse. I have been tested for STD's and everything was all negative I have even had an ultrasound done and nothing. I am waiting to get a pap done. Anyways I am sooo frusterated and have been reading alot about cervical cancer so now I am scared that I might be having symptoms of cervical cancer. But I am also thinking it may just be the endometriosis or that other thing. I did have Human Papiloma Virus years ago...no problems for about 9 years now. Can anyone give me any insight???? I have also been extremely fatigued and have alot of lower back pain. I just don't know what to do and the doctors are not taking me serious. Please help!!!!!
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Your not alone. I am having the same thing happen to me. Please let me know what you find out I am having a similar problem exepet i have not been told i have Endomertiosos and Adenomyosis.

3 years ago i started getting 2 periods a month. Nobody could figure out why. Hormonoal imbalance was occuring. I wanted to find out what was causing this and solve the problem not cover up the symptoms by taking birth control pills to get regulated or fertility drugs to have kids. I know i was exposed to some chemicals in my environmental consulting career that could be causing an imbalance.

I started taking herbal supplements and changed my diet to eating all organic meats and vegetables and cut out eating beef altogether. My periods are back to normal since i have done this.

But now i am bleeding during and the day after i have sex, and also when i make a bowel movement from the vagina. Just went to obgyn and said my cervics is "friable" in nature and bleeds to the touch.

She said it could be a number of things like bacteria infection, STD or PID or cervical cancer, or partner could be just hitting my cervics.

She said that the blood when i do NO2 might be coming from by anus and to make sure by putting toliet paper inside after making a bowel movement and get back to her when it happens. It is not coming from the anus.

My boyfriend thinks i should stop looking things up on the internet because it is just getting me more worried and wait to find out from the doctor.
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can you see another doctor for a second opinion?  have you had a recent PAP test?
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Great Questions!   I have had vaginal bleeding during bowel movement too.  It occurs only once per month but very predictably a couple days before my period.  This has  been going on for several years. ( as backgound, I am 40, two kids, never had endometriosis and do not have it now.  Get regular colonoscopy and exams, thin prep and PAPs always negative, 28 day cycle)

Ugly details:  After BM, bright red blood in commode and on toilet tissue.  (positive that it is vaginal, not rectal) the curious thing is that once it happens there is no residual bleeding at all.  No further spotting on the same day, no darker blood, nothing.  Happens once per cycle and that is it until next month.  

Diagnoses:  Had Uterine Hystosonogram done (ultrsound with water) to better see if any polyps present.  Found at least two tiny polyps in uterus. They were clearly visable even to my untrained eye. Scheduled day surgery to have them removed and to biopsy tissues just in case.  

Once doctor went in, could not find the polyps.  She took tissue samples for biopsy.  

Biopsy came back all clear for cancer, but pathology showed that I have a 'disorganized endometrium'.  This was explained as follows:  When looking at the cells of uterine lining, they should all present at pretty much the same stage of your cycle.  IE: if you are on the 10th day of your menstrual cycle,  all of the lining cells should look about 10 days old (for simplicity sake).  My cells were 'disorganized' with some presenting at 5 days, some at 15, some at 21 etc.  

This might explain the cause of the off cycle bleeding.  My doctor put me on birth control pills for 3 months and then wants to do another biopsy in November.  She said the BC pills should kick my lining back onto the right schedule.

I am skeptical.  If this were the cause of the bleeding, then logically, I should be experiencing inconsistant spotting at least a couple times per month, rather than the very consistant 'two days before' situation I explained earlier.  

I started on the BC pills in July.  When I was close to the date that my period should start on the pill, I had the exact same bleeding two days before onset.

I am now into the second month...we will see what happens next.

I am interested in anyone else's experience and outcome which was diagnosed similarly or due to non-endormetriosis reasons.
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aries19, it seems as if we are living similar lives. i have not been really diagnosed with anything yet. and all test came back great, NOTHING! so im confused. what the heck is the problem. ive been to 4 doctors and everyone seems dumbfounded. today a doctor told me i have prolapsed uterus. i dont think that is the problem since the only symptom of prolapsed uterus i have is the bleeding during intercourse. no lower back pian, no heavy feeling, no pain. but i do have the vaginal bleeding after a bowel movement. i go to another doctor tomorrow. ill let you guys know the outcome.
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I know I am really late in this forum, but I was browsing my symptoms and this came up. Did you ever get this resolved? I am really worried because we are ttc and everytime I see this bleeding so early in my cycle it seems its impossible to get pregnant.

I have pretty much exactly the same symptoms as you do. Please reply to ***@****
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ive been experiencinglower back pain for2 months along with a trip to the ER in which the doctors told me they thought i had a kidney stone bc the pains got so severe.  but still, i have this aching pain in my lower back and it hurts more when i have a bowel movement.  i had sex 3 days ago and today ive had multiple bowel movements (with an abnormal color and appearance) and a brown discharge.  I am only on day 8 of this pack of Birth Control pills too.  does anyone know what this could be?
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