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Vaginal bleeding but not a period

My vagina has bled once before. It wasn't a heavy flow or anything. Blood just showed up in my underwear for about 2-3 days. I thought it was my period or something. The most part is that, I never had my period before I am 13 and scared. I'm afraid I will never get my period. I do not know if it could be a symptom of a period or whatever. I so afraid, it happened about 5 months ago and never happened again. Could somebody please just give me answers cause I am so afraid I won't ever get my period. Please Help!!!
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teenagers have very irregular cycles so it might have been your first period and so many things could be keeping you from having one again stress, chances in weight and activity level everything effects a girls cycle so you'll probably be getting them soon but personally i don't understand why your in such a hurry to have them they are no fun you bleed , have painful cramping , you bloat up , you get really moody and theres so many things you can't or won't want to doing depending on how bad your periods are and they can last for a whole week so enjoy not having them while you can i'm sure there's nothing wrong with you
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i just looked at your profile and it said you like to cheer and dance is it possible you tore your hymen and thats what caused the bleeding?
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