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Vaginal dischage, bloating ,back pain

about a month ago I went ot see my gyno who told me that I had a viral skin infection on the lips of my vagina. She used a needle to pop each one and remove the "pearl" (or waxy center) a few days later I started toave a yellowish creamy vaginal discharge, (and itching)thought was a yeat infection adn after using 2 boxes of otc medicine, it still wasn't gone.

Right after that I started having to urninate frequently, and bloating, and lower back pain.

I went to the Dr. who put me on medication for a uti. After I finished the antibiotics I still wasn't feel well, so I went back to the dr. who did a culture (on a friday) and told me she thought I had baterial vaginosis, and would have the results on Monday. She also told me my uti wasn't gone that i still had pus and blood in my urine. and put me on new antibiotics

They didn't get ahole of me Monday but on Tuesday I caleld and was toldthat they had sent my urine to a lab, and I didn't have a uti and could stop taking the antibiotics, but ot drink a lot of crabnberry juice and drink a lot of water.
They said the results of the cutlure they took showed no infection (that resuted in discharge).

So now I still have a vaginal discharge that is yellowish in color, am still bloated, I have pain ion my lower abdomen right above my pelvis, I have lower back pain and my dr. says I am fine.

I have bene told (by friends) it sounds like have a kidney infection, could be cancer, and also that because I had a hysterectomy 2-5 years ago it could be menopause but I had my hormones tested about a month ago and was told that they were perfectly fine (I kept my ovaries).

I wouldreally like ot know what is wrong


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