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Vaginal discharge and Period flow up

My discharge along with my period both flow upwards to the top of my underwear. Is that normal?
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Yes, this is normal.
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Are you saying that you have so much liquid, and you are wearing a pad, that it travels upward after filling a pad?
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No, I am saying that while I am on my period the top of my pad is the area that is always marked. Never the middle nor the back. It is the top. Same with my vaginal discharge.
So, what I'm getting is that you're asking if the opening of your vagina is unusually high on your body? I assume you know it's lower than your urethra? Have you ever had a doctor, during a pelvic exam, comment that your vagina has a higher opening on your body than normal?
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Yes it's normal. Buy the biggest pads you can find.  The purple always I think is the largest.
That heavy flow is so annoying,  have to sleep on our sides and even then it still flows out.
If you don't mind this. Try using adult diapers with a pad or without. And just wear them during the first few heavy flow days . They help in keeping the sheets and pyjamas clean.
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