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Vaginal odor after sex

I have been with my boyfriend for over a year and everytime we have sex, there is a foul odor that comes from my va-jay-jay.. Keep in mind that I get PAP's every 6 months and I get STD screenings every year but everything always out fine. Could his NOT BEING CIrcumcised have something to do with it? The stinch usually last for about 2-3 days but his scent lingers on/in me for weeks at a time. Is this cause for concern and should I request more extensive tests from my ObGYN?
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they make douche just for that. he is probably ejulating a little inside you. probably should wear a condom unless you are ready for a baby.
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I would ask for more tests from my OBGYN. Unless he NEVER washes his penis correctly, and I believe you would be able to smell that before intercourse, something else is going on. You both may have contracted and infection of some kind and the friction of sex is aggravating it.
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