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Vaginal tears

Does anyone experience vaginal tears from just peeing, going to the bathroom, wiping yourself, or from sex?  

This happens frequently to me and it is very painful - I have gone to the doctor but all they give me is some ointment that does not help (steriod ointment).
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steroid ointment not only would not help, but, by thinning the skin if used for prolonged periods, could make it worse. If you haven't seen a gynecologist, you ought to.
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I have the same problem. It feels like someone gave you a million papercuts down there. It happens after sex alot. Hurts to wipe. Do you also get a lot of yeast infections-like occurrances? I have an appointment with a NEW GYN on the 27th so hopefully I'll finally get an answer. In the mean time Desitin(diaper rash cream) works for coating the problem area. Good enough for my baby is good enough for me.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets these.  I went to the gyno and she thought it was herpes!  Which, the test came back negative, so it wasn't that.  And I hate having to use the bathroom because if urine runs over the tear, it hurts!! It's also painful to wipe.  And yes, in response to your question, I do get yeast-like infections as well.  I didn't know what to try, I never thought of something like Desitin.  If anyone gets an answer from the doc, let me know!  I'm going to try to schedule another appointment this week to see if she can help me out.
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can anyone help me. Lately when I have sex with my husband. I have started to bleed. And it is tearing our relationship apart. could I have a problem. I cant get into see my OB until later in the month..Could I have a tear?
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i cant answer whether or not you are tearing in the vaginal area. where is the blood coming from? on the outside, or from inside? if he's being really rough and you are "small" that may cause a little blood. however, if its a lot and often, you should see a dr.
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i've been having this problem too!!tearing,bleeding and just alot of irritation down there and the doc told me the same thing that he thought it was herpes but then he said he didn't think it was so i go tomorrow for a biopsy!!!!!how painful!!!i've had a ten pound child and told him that i shouldn't be tearing like this and there is no way it could be herpes cause i've been with the same person for several years and if it was that he would have something wrong with his privates but he's just fine!!!i let you all know tomorrow what he says!!!!              lois
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im experiencing the same thing. Although.. i havent had sex. Im quite young and i dont know what im suposed to do. I need help. I wear bathing suits alot since i am a lifeguard and may have a yeast infection. Is there anyone i can talk to??
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I am so glad I found this forum.  I too have recently started experienceing tearing after sex. At first the tears were minor and I got over them in about a day. Now, I have experienced more, the doc thought it was herpes (its not) and I'm looking for a new solution!  If anyone finds out how to quicken the healing process...please let me know!
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I recently got one of these tears and its incredibly painful. Not even sure what it came from.

Through trial and error I have found that pain medication (advil or tylenol with codiene) helps, sitting on a pillow helps, using a menstral pad helps and using a squirt bottle, like a water bottle with a sports cup, while you are urinating relieves the sting.  The gyn told me it takes about a week to heal. Any other suggestions would be most appreciated...
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Its good to know that I
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I just read over a few more comment strings and thought it might be helpful to post my history as well.
Gain detergent
Ortho Evera birth control
I do have a history of exema and alergies
no pets
and I live in a fairly dry climate
As I mentioned before my Dr. did test me for herpes and my results came back negative.
I wear thongs, or at least I did before this problem.
No real history with yeast infections or any other infections... in fact I've never even had chicken pox.
I hope this helps someone. I'm being referred to an OBG this week and after reading so many comments on the ointments I'll be sure to say "No thanks" if it comes up.
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Thank God I am not the only one!!! Unlike most of you I have herpes, but the tearing is not like a herpes sore. My boyfriend uses alot of chemicals at work and even if he washs his hand I think that the chemicals really effect me when he touches me. I get yeast infections all the time. Between the tears and the infections I have little to no sex life. I also have lots of discharge. I have been to the gyno and had ever test possible done twice. I have found no relief. I am glad I am not the only one but I am so sorry we all have to deal with this.
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