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Very scared! Unusual periods and spotting!

I have been experiencing unusual periods and spotting in between periods for the last year and a half.  I am currently bleeding and have been doing so for over a month now from very heavy to just a little.  I've seen my doc about this many times and he recently put my on birth control. (3 weeks ago)  This last week I had extreme cramping which on a scale of 1-10 for pain it was a 10!!  So now my doc took me off of birth control and is sending me to a specialist (gynecologist). I just turned 30 years old and am not sexually active.  He did a pelvic exam, but he wasn't able to do a pap due to bleeding.  The last - and only -pap test he did was 2 years ago and it was very painful.  I'm now getting very worried and scared!  I've never had problems like this in the past, was always regular and knew when my next period was coming.  Now I never know when its going to come.  My periods have become much heavier and lasting longer and am experiencing more cramping than ever before.  I had an ultrasound a year ago but nothing abnormal showed up.  What is going on??  I'm trying not to worry too much, but am really getting worried.  I don't see the specialist for a month (soonest appointment available).  What should I expect for my visit with the specialist?  What could be causing all these problems?  I've looked at some articles and many have the word cancer in them and I'm terrified!  Please help!!
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Hey Im only 18 and really dont know anything but I thought I would just tell you this. I was talking with my mother last night about irregular periods because I get them myself and she had the exact same problem that you described when she was  about 33(you said you were 30 right?) She said they started when she was about 31 and she dealt with this for a few years.

Anyways..yeah she had irregular periods that lasted for a month at a time or longer and really bad cramping as well as sharp pelvic pains. She said she went to the doctor all the time but they couldnt find anything unusual going on that would cause that. Turns out the best thing they could do was perform a hysterectomy. I dont really know how you feel about that but I thought I would let you know. I would suggest asking your doctor about it next time your there. Like I said, Im only 18 but I thought I would tell you this in hopes to ease your mind:) Good luck and hope everything turns out ok!
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Also just wanted to say my mother had no serious issues or cancers or any kind which is why they did it..I guess it was just her hormones? She was and is perfectly healthy. She said the hysterectomy was the best thing shes done and had no problems after it:)
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I've suffered from abnormal periods for my  entire life.  The pain was so bad I was prescribed pain killers once a month.  I went on the pill continuously for about 6 months at a time where I wouldn't get any periods at all.  You might just be one of those women who gets sevre irregular periods.  It could be endometriosis which could be diagnosed with a laproscopic procedure.  
Do NOT let anyone talk you into a hysterecomy.  I think when that young woman's mother was 33 that there were less options for women.
I'm sure it's not cancer.
See what the specialist says.  Good luck.  

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The same thing happened with my mother.  Her heavy periods and cramping started around the age of 30, but she didn't have a hysterectomy until she was 40.  BUT, she was through having children and this was the best option for her at the time.  Like the other poster said.  DO NOT let anyone talk you into a hysterectomy.  You are young and children may or may not be a factor in your life...
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cancer is probably the least likely outcome, but you still need evaluation.  and, doctor's don't recommend hysterectomy just for the heck of it.  if you aren't comfortable with whatever treatment your GYN prescribes, seek a second opinion.  but, don't just ignore it!
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Thanks for the support everyone!  I really appreciate it.  

  I would never have a hysterectomy!  I plan on having children one day and this will not be an option for me.  I would rather deal with years of pain and discomfort than do that.  I'm only 30 years old and hope to have at least 2 children when I'm ready and of course married!!  

  I have been looking more online and think I may have one of two conditions.  Endometriosis or a hormone imbalance.  I sure hope it is the latter or neither.  Of course I hope its nothing to severe or requires surgery.  I hate having to wait till the end of Sept. to see the specialist, and then he might not even have an answer for me right away.  I have finally stopped bleeding, but if things keep going as they have been, I will start back up in a few days.  I'm very frustrated and wish for a quick diagnosis.
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