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Very sore lump under my skin on the right side of my vaginal lips

yes. I have a problem. its has me very concerned. I have not only a strange odor that wasn't as bad before but now I notice a very sore lump on the lower right side of my labia lips. I hurts to touch, wipe, walk, or even move for that matter. when urinating it gets irritated. itches but hurts to scratch. what can I do? whats this called? can it be cured?
please help a fellow female that's wigged out to better understand an get rid of this pain. PLEASE!!!
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It might be a bartholin cyst, super common amongst women. NOT AN STD SO DO NOT FREAK OUT OVER MESSAGE BORDS OR WEBMD. It is what happens when the bartholin gland becomes blocked or pinched and is no longer able to provide fluid to the vagina causing a back up. Go to your gyno to get it drained that way you have a better chance of it not reoccurring. They will give you a numbing shot then cut open the cyst and drain it, sometimes they can put a draining tube in it sometimes they can't. If they can not just take a few sitz baths to get the remaining fluid out. They may also subscribe you antibiotics to reduce the chances or a reoccurrence. It is important that you go to your gyno because they will test your vaginal fluid / cyst fluid and call you if anything comes up. AGAIN THIS IS JUST A GUESS SO GO TO YOUR GYNO.
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Im 20 yrs old and i get sores or bumps all the time it started when i was 15 the doctors kept saying it was razer bhrn but i knew it wasnt bc it got very big and dark,come to find out i had a skin disease called Hidradenitis Suppurativia theres no cure for it you get any where from a size of a penney to a size of a baseball of boils and it tunnels undrer your skin leaving scars so bad,you can look it up and if it fits what you might have then you could go to dermotoligist.
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