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Vigorous pounding or razor cut

Sorry about my English I hope I won't sound funny.

So last wednesday morning I had a quick and carelees shave of my pubic hair, quick that I noticed the blood on the blade and sting of the cuts but I didn't care because it usually heal on it's own. After that my husband and I had a groovy intercorse. He was doing me from behind, I think the position was a bit "too much" for me and my vagina was sore after the sex and I felt like my minora was very stretched. I noticed a spot of blood on my panty in the afternoon and I thought it was my period (but maybe from the razor cuts...or from the intercorse). I started to have headache and light fever in the evening I thought it was because of something else..like my eyes, they gave me headache sometimes when I don't wear my glasses.
Thursday, fever, headache, sore and a real menstruation. It was like that until Monday. I did not go to a doctor because my health ID is still on the process and I was thinking I'm just going through ordinary fever and mens. My vagina was still sore I washed it with plain water. And my fever kept me on my bed too lazy even to eat.

Tuesday when my period stopped and I was so scared to see that the cuts were irritated, big with pus. My period stopped but there was still excessive discharge of white liquid with offensive odor.Today is Thursday and the fever is gone but the discharge of a smelly liquid is still here...and my cuts, they multiplied on the fold going to my anus (where liquid flows when I am lying on the bed). This is very painful specially when urinating. I am using a little of apple cider mixed to a warm water in cleaning the wounds.

I do not know what really happened to me and how did I get the foul liquid inside. My hand also has a bump with a small pus, this is the hand that I use to wash my labia. My legs has couple of bumps too, where usually the discharge runs when I stand up. I am confident that I can manage to heal the wounds but will definitely go to the doctor when fever comes back. What dafuq just happened to me :(
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Sounds like a possible STD...
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