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Vulvovaginitis, unsure of cause.

I'm planning on seeing a GP on this but the appointment waiting time is a few weeks so in the mean time I decided to make a post here to better understand what may be wrong with me.

So as the title says during around the 21st~ of this last month I was suffering with a swelling and redness of the (apologies for description) lower part of the labia majora (so closer to the vagina) I had this a few weeks prior as well but had assumed it was razor burn which it may have been. Anyways throughout having the swelling I was plagued by a constant itching. The discharge was mostly clear or cloudy and normal looking but occasionally a more baige lump of discharge would form (which would appear rubbery almost). I have been experiencing the issue with mild itching since September but thought nothing of it or that it was perhaps due to wearing nylon undergarments. In terms of sexual activities I receive and give oral sex around every two weeks starting in October (long distance relationship). I know these activities pose an increased risk of causing a yeast infection and the relationship is monogamous/virginal (to the best of my knowledge).

I think I could be dealing with recurring yeast infections since STI's like chlamydia are more rarely passed through oral sex. The only other thing that comes to mind was when I used a public toilet in September in a hurry and may have suffered some splash back although I've done research and apparently bacteria like chlamydia are no longer viable seconds after contact with urine so even if some had gotten onto one of my mucous membranes it wouldn't pose any risk to me?

Note: Swelling lasted a few days and was not painful to the touch. Itching is come and go.
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I also seem to be suffering some spotting I believe although it might be too early to tell it is that.
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