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Wana knw my hcg level didn't drop ples help ?

Hi so I went bak to the hosp and I'm stil showing preg n I misscarage a week ago n my hcg level is raising but I had sex with my husband in my preg a few tym.could it be that I'm preg again n I did infact have a misscarage.i don't knw wot to think as it's my third time bak at hosp n level of hcg is 375 today is increasing.ples help.
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You might have had twins, and miscarried one but kept the other. Have they not given you an ultrasound?
Yes they did and can't see anything so my thing is now I'm asking is it possible they can't pik  up an early preg and that I did infact have a misscarage

Without knowing more about your story, I might not be able to offer any useful ideas. Are you saying that you did have a medically confirmed miscarriage? Not just some bleeding? (And perhaps you even had an hCG count that was higher than it is now?) And so, if that happened but you still had sex with your husband, you are wondering if you got pregnant again right away? It's possible. I assume they want you to go to your doctor or the lab two days from your last hCG test to do another one to see if the level is doubling?
Only after my misscarage they did a hcg and it's going up from 200 to 250 and nw 375 they did it 3 tym.i was confirmed I had a misscarage  by the hospital.but I did have sex with my husband during the preg and my thing is that I was bleeding and they called it a misscarage as the womb they said is empty but I'm thinking I fell again preg and they can't pik it up as it is early preg.am I ryt or wrong in saying ples help  
And they piking up I'm preg but not showing on scan
Is it possible I'm early preg n had my periods
Well, if your hCG is going up, something is happening, but if it is not doubling every two days, it is not a good thing that is happening. A normally developing embryo's hCG count will double every two days or possibly every three at most. It should have gone from 200 to 400 to 800 and so forth. Keep seeing your doctor until they find what is giving you the count.
Even if it's early preg  maybe?
I'm sorry, but in a normal pregnancy the hCG level doubles every two days even if it is early in the pregnancy. Please keep talking to your doctor and get an hCG count when he tells you to. Don't just show up at the hospital, get seen regularly by your ob/gyn.
Thank u woke up this morning full cramps and bleeding
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