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Weight Gain

I am surprised as to how many ladies have this problem...  I am 54 and all my life I have been a size 7-8 or 9-10, within the last year I have gained about 30 to 35 lbs... Now I'm 'va size 12 and I hate myself for letting me get so big...  My tummy is so swolen I look very prego...  I hate it!!!!  I don't eat very much cause when I do I feel stuffed and bloated.  My belly feels hard and I do not wanna look at my self naked in the mirror anymore.  I don't even want my hubby to look at my I feel ashamed of my body...  I v had blood work and everything came out normal, no problems whith the tyroyd I do have an appt for a colon test see what happens..  I feel depressed and anxity is taking over....  HELP
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I hear ya girlfriend, I am 51 and am now wearing extra large.

With me it all started a couple yrs ago when I quit Smoking. Now I am having a terrible time losing the weight. To make matters worse I am getting rashes & Pimples wherever I sweat, making exercising really difficult.

I wish I could be more helpful, just know your not alone. Keep up the good fight, and try not to lose your sense of humor.

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How much aerobic exercise to you get each week? How about strength training? A diet high in whole grains, vegetables and fruit, with moderate amounts of lean protein combined with regular vigorous exercise alternating with strength training may really help not only reduce your weight but boost your energy level and mood.

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