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Weight loss and stretch marks

Hey, I am trying to lose weight and I am concerned as to what this will do to the stretch marks I have now....will it look really bad? Do any of you know remedys to rid me of these embarrassing lines?? besides the obvious...good diet and drinking lots of water.
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i've lost alot of weight yes it leaves stretch marks just use bio oil and make sure you walk enough cos it'll tighten your skin and it'll disappear little by little good luck!
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Well stretch marks are actually scars that occur in the dermis layer of the skin so as of now there isn't anything that can perminently remove them but there are several lotions out there that can diminish their appearance. Another thing you could try is laser therapy which to me is the most effective procedure out there right now but it's a little expensive. The important thing here is your health and being at a healthy weight if very important. Best wishes BB
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