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Weird Discharge

Hey everyone,

I'm an 18 year old female, and I've been getting a weird vaginal discharge lately. It first happened after a period, and it was a light beige color with a kind of cheesy smell - not really bad or anything, but just different to what I normally get. That lasted a few days after my period, and then my discharge went semi back to normal in color, but the smell was still the same. No itching or bumps.

I've also had a pain in my lower right abdomen, and I've gotten an ultrasound on it with clear results.

Could this be bacterial vaginosis? Does bv ever cause abdominal pain? Or is it just a normal change in discharge? I've been pretty consistent the past 7 years or so, so this isn't the usual thing. I'm a virgin, so it's not an sti.

I'm in university right now, and it might be a while until I can get another doctor appointment, so I just wanted to post on here to see if anyone had anything similar.

Thanks so much!
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Bacterial vaginosis causes a fishy odor and greenish discharge.  Yeast, which is very common, causes a slight sour odor and whitish discharge.  Using yogurt, cutting back on sugar and white flour foods, increasing vegetables, taking odorless garlic pills, or whatever works for you for yeast should clear this up.  Very to wash underwear in hot water, detergent and baking soda.  
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Thanks, but I don't think it's yeast infection - the symptoms don't really match up. I've been getting a more brownish in color discharge, but nothing else.
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It's been awhile since your post, but if you are still online, how are your symptoms now? Did you find a resolution? Having similar symptoms since early 2017 with yellow/tan/light brownish discharge. BV test was negative. Also have ovary pain on & off which I don't know is related (but might be, if this is a hormone issue).
Hi palmlily.  Light tan, light brown, yellowish discharge is often hormonally related.  It's usually 'old blood'.  you ca have your hormones checked by your doctor to determine if anything looks out of the ordinary.  Have you noticed any other symptoms as well?  A slow thyroid also can cause issues like this. Is your period regular?  

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