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Weird sensation towards end of urinating

So I thought that I had a UTI. When I would pee, it would feel fine but towards the ending of urinating I would get a very weird uncomfortable sensation. And my bladder would feel full even though I just peed. This problem gets worse at night and I can't sleep. I went to the doctor but he said that my urine was clean. He said to drink cranberry juice for a few day and if the problem persists, to go back and see him. When I was researching it online, I came across someone with the username of tinklebells who posted the same exact symptoms in October of 2006. So if she happensto be reading this, I would love to know what the doctor said because this is driving me crazy. And if anyone has any clue as to what it could be, then let me know please.

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My sister had similar complaints and was found to have an allergy to a red dye in kool-aid and meds. She drank cranberry juice(make sure it's 100% juice) a lot of it is only 15%! Best wishes.
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did she get better after drinking cranberry juice ? how long did it take for it to go away ? and how long did she drink cranberry juice for before she felt relief ?

I'm sorry for asking so many questions, but I really, really want this to go away.
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Hey, I truly understand. They told her it inflamed her bladder wall. cystitis caused from allergy/sensitivity to red dyes. She drank cranberry juice for about 2 weeks straight. I can't remember exactly how many days it took, but i think that it was 3-4 but then cleared up after a week or so. She now takes cranberry capsules from the health food store on occasion. I hope you feel better soon. The dr can call in a med that numbs that bladder area. I can't remember exactly the name, but pyridium rings a bell. It's late and I'm a little under the weather today! sorry. It changes your urine orange color and stains underwear, so if you get it wear a liner.
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thanks for all of your help. i drank cranberry juice all day today, as my doctor told me to. No relief so far. I think that I might go see a urologist tomorrow because I can't take it anymore. I can't sleep because at night my bladder feels full all the time. But thanks anyway !
check out interstitial cystitis
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I have been getting bladder and yeast infections so I have been drinking
a lot of cranberry juice and it does burn when I urinate and I have
been getting a rash with itching on my neck and arms so I am seeing
a holistic doctor on Monday. I seem to be getting more allergic to drugs
and food since I developed asthma.  Anyone else with this problem?
Lin Art
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Im a few days late from my period and it burns at the end of urination and I always seem to have to pee a lot. sometimes it is in small amounts.  Could I be pregnant or just have a UTI?
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also when my boyfriend and I have sex we always wear two condoms and he pulls out but im still worried
You shouldn't wear two condoms during sex the friction can make the condoms break. Not saying you are pregnant but you should not use to condoms
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Did you ever find out what is was. Cause I have exactly the same symptoms and whenever you research it, you just get asked if it is a burning sensation. No it's not, it's weird, almost like an uncomfortable orgasm that builds up to a crescendo then dyes away slowly. Mine feels like its in the clitoral area, but believe me, it's not nice. Plus I have this pressure all the time as though i need to pee, even straight after peeing.I'm taking someting for cystitis, but the symptons having died down.
I'm having the exact same problem and can't seem to find a solution. Have you found one?
I'm having the same problem, but it's happening in school. I haven't found any real sources, but I have found if you kind of let it "dry" (just kinda sit on the toilet for a while after peeing) it can decrease the feeling. Also, try to have something you absolutely need to focus on 100%. It will probably distract you long enough for the sensation to go away.
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this sounds like when i get bladder infections. what my dads has me do is take a penasilion n a cranberry pill once in the morning and at night n it usely  goes away within a week.
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I'M HAVING THE SAME EXACT THING.  What the hell??? It just started yesterday.  It's soooo weird.  Not a fan.  Anyone have any ideas????
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you could try and get those azo pills from the drug store. when i was 16 i was very prone to bladder infections and uti's. the doc told me to stop drinking dr pepper and cokes. and i also had my urethra dialated... worst pain ever. i am 24 now and i had my first uti in over 3 years.. i was drinking red bulls and alot oof energy drinks.. i had to call my doctor and he prescribed me a med, and then i also used the azo.. beaware they make ur pee bright flourescent orange, but it helps the pain..
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anyone know what it is yet??
i was guessing UTI but i dunno...
I have been working out alot, and keep forgetting to drink water.
So I thought that could be it. I dont think it has anything to do with my period because i havent had one since august (no im not preggo).
I'm gonna start drinking cranberry juice. there is no itching or burning just the weird orgasm sensation that *****. I hate it!
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