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Well, I sure am bored/Open

I've been over here like 20 times today, and gosh golly, I'm bored.
I have lots of Women's issues--DH came home, I was on the phone, and he told me to get off the phone!  He actually said, loud enough for all to hear, that he wanted me to get off the phone because we hadn't seen each other all day.  I'm like, "Well, we've been married 11 years and it hasn't mattered before now.  What is going on????"
Why would a man all of the sudden give a cr*p if I'm on the phone when he walks in the door.  I guess I needed my high heels, apron, cleaned up kids, and hot dinner ready when he got here.

By the way...its 29 degrees outside!!!  Yippee!!!!!
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I hear ya!  My FDH doesn't pay any attention to me UNTIL I get on the phone.  If I picked up the phone right now, he'd come in here and see who I was talking to...LOL

I'm bore too.
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i sure have missed talking to you! seems i am never on lately when others are. men can be needy. and since they arent usually, it really seems to be a pita! i cant believe how cold that is!!! i am still wearing flip flops with a sweater of course haha. i miss oceans too, i havent chatted with her in forever! my son is at his dad's this week and i cant stand the quiet without him!! its hard. so im having some beers and catchin up with you ladies.
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Where is everybody tonight?
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I know.  You can basically count me out on the computer over the weekends.  Really busy with the kids home, and hubby home, etc.  I'm trying to get in the Christmas spirit, but its not working.  Blah blah.  Or maybe I should say bah-humbug.
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You've got me and Pertykitty right here silly!
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You know, the new limit is 100, so just for fun...everybody try to push this one all the way.  I've seen it into the 80's, but have we made it to 100 yet????
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