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What Happened to the What Happened Post??/OPEN F.

i am curious to know if anyone else is having technical difficulties when you go to read the post from yesterday 11/16 that "sparkler" wrote? when i click on it to open it, the medhelp keys you see above come up but the screen is blank/white.
as if it's loading. i see more of you posted so i was just checking in.

also use this as an open forum too
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I got it to open right away, but I did have a similar thing the other day with the entire Women's Forum. I figured it was a hiccup with my broadband or something, I guess it must have been something else.

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I have been having problems all day! It was as if everyone ran away and left me alone on here! LOL
Finally it seems like it is up and running again.
How are ya lady?
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I haven't been having any problems.  But I was starting to wonder if everyone was starting Thanksgiving a bit early.  It's been pretty dead around here.
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hey girls...
i keep trying to open it and nothing! i wait and wait but i do not have any problems with any other posts? hmm...

things are ok here. battling a nasty cough. i went to get my haircut this morning and as she is cutting away, i feel that tickle in my throat/dry patch and cannot stop coughing!! tears are pouring down my eyes. my makeup was all ruined and i had to go get DH at school. (there's a cute dad who picks up his girl...shhhh!)LOL!
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That is how it seems to go, weekends are pretty dead, which figures as that is when I am able to come on. Of course on the weekends we tend to get a few freaks every so often and then the posts get removed before anyone else gets to see them.

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i am sooooooo moody today!! ovulating early, crampy , horrible headache and just plain b!itchy!! maybe i should go back to bed    aaahhhhhhhhh!
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