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What are the chances that I actually had a miscarriage?

Okay so I went into the emergency room because I had been bleeding for a little over a month and they gave me a pregnancy test and it came back positive. Then they did a sonogram and all that but they couldn't see anything and they told me that it could be because I'm not far enough along for them to see anything just yet or I could have possibly had a miscarriage or a threatened miscarriage. I didn't have heavy bleeding or clots or any pains it was just a light flow. I go in tomorrow to check my HTC levels again because they were only at 19 when they checked it and they want to see if it's went down or went up. I know that I we'll find out soon from the doctor but I just want an opinion from somebody else for now. Is it a good chance that I miscarried already or could I still be pregnant? I really want this baby and I don't know what I'm going to do if they told me that I already miscarried. I've been trying to get pregnant I have one daughter but she's 10 years old and this will be the first time I've been pregnant since I gave birth to her
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I hope it all works out for you.  Definitely, you can have a viable pregnancy not seen on ultrasound because it is too early.  That happens all the time.  However, your HCG number of 19 seems low.  Even if it is early.  You'll want that number to be higher for sure at this next reading.  Many women do have bleeding during early pregnancy.  I'm glad yours isn't heavy and you don't have cramping.  Your HCG number does concern me though.  Fingers crossed it comes up and all is good.  Will you come back and let us know?  I had a long TTC journey too and know it is a roller coaster.  Hang in there.  hugs
Hi. Ok so i went back into the dr and unfortunately my HCG levels went from 19 to 16 and they confirmed it was a miscarriage. Im not sure what happened, what caused it, how far along i was or anything. Theres so many unanswered questions. Its all so confusing.
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