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What are these painful pink marks on my breast??

Hello im a 14 year old female and there are these light pink or tan spotted marks on my breast, it is only on my left breast and not on my right. the marks are on the right side of my nipple (not ON my nipple, on the skin right next to it). I have a sharp pain randomly on the exact spots the marks are located. It was really bad on my period or pre-period, it happened daily and hurt real bad. It hasn't been as bad but it still happens, it hasn't happened for a week but I'm starting to feel it again and my period already ended.

The marks haven't spread or anything, they've been here for almost 3 weeks now.
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If you think it might be an infection, like mastitis, see your doctor. If you think an infection can be ruled out, if your breasts are developing rather quickly, they might be stretch marks. There are also possibilities about contact dermatitis or something similar from carrying a heavy item on that side (like a backpack full of books, carried by one strap).
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If it does not go away within a couple more weeks, in your shoes I'd see a doctor. My first suspicion would be mastitis.
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