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What can be possible reasons of white discharge apart yeast infection?

Hello everyone! For about a year I am having white discharge. In the beginning, I was suspecting that it was Yeast infection as it was followed by itchiness and inflammation. However, I made use of some over the counter medicines and I think it helped me to curtain extant.
The problem is I still have white discharge, but it does not have any weird smell or texture. I also do not have discomfort anymore. It lasts in such a tendency for quite long. Therefore, I do not think it is yeast infection anymore. Unfortunately, there is not much information about other causes of white discharge in the internet.
It would be really grate if  someone can share any knowledge on my concern!
Thank you in advance!
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If it isn’t followed by a weird smell, which could be BV, or itchiness which could be a yeast infection, then your discharge is probably normal. If it’s bothering you, you can always go to an OBGYN.
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Here is the thing about discharge.  It CAN be white and normal.  It can be thick or thin and be normal.  It normally goes through changes during our cycle as the hormones do their thing.  You can always get this checked by your doctor but will suspect that in the abscense of other issues like itching or odor, they will tell you that this is your current 'normal' discharge and it's not a problem.
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Thank you for your reply!
No problem.  Vaginal discharge is like a science experiment to figure out but you can rest easy, you are sounding normal. :>)
Really feel relieved to hear it! It is the first time I am facing such a thing and that is why I was a bit frightening for me. Thank you again for clarifying it for me!
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