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What can i do to stop the constant yeast infections?

Before I became prego at age 22 I had only had maybe one ot two yeast infections which all cleared up with basic store medicine. While being prego with my son I had a yeast infection(YI) every month and he is a year old no and I am now plagued with chronic yeast infections. I will get one then take either the pills for it or the cream insurted stuff or both and that means no intercourse with my husband till it clears up which is like 7-10 then after we have sex bam 2-3 days later infection and yes he has taken the proper pills to make sure he was not getting a male yeast infection. Or if I have a period then there is 8 days with no sex and right after the day my period ends bam infection and then i have to add the week of no sex due to medicine to the week of no sex due to having had a period. I take the probiotic gg strand to fight yeast and it cut the saverity of the symptoms down and I did not get an infection after this last period while taking the gg but did get a really bad one after having had sex. we use condomes and he took the pills to treat for male yeast infection so am i just allergic to having sex. I have a lot of other female genital pain when it comes to sex and so maybe i am just doomed to not be able to have sex with my husband?

if i am spending 3/4s of the month having a yi or on the treatment and the other fourth of the month on my 8 day long period then my poor husband and I are not able to have sex.
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Have you gone to the doctor for prescription cream? If my DH has been working all day I make him shower before we make love just because I know his sweat can cause an imbalance so i play it save. I also know that yogurt can help keep things balanced with your PH so you could try that. Do the condoms have spermicide in them? that can cause things to be messed up too, so maybe you could try them with out or try the natural sheep skin condoms. at least try different options so you can pinpoint the cause of the problem. I dated a guy for a little while and every time we had sex I ended up getting a yeast infection, the relationship ended and I don't know if it's because I am a bit more cautious or just with someone else but I have yet to have one since. I hope some of this helps. to be honest if i had even two yeast infections in a row I would be contacting a doctor just because they are way to miserable for me to deal with. good luck hun
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I have tried rx creams and pills. my hubby showers before and i do also and i do after. i made my hubby take the pills for men also just encase. I have litterly tried everything. there is only one size condum my man can use and it has nothing extra just latex condem. because of his um larger size its the only one we can use. i use everythign for sensative skin int he hsower wear loose cotten undies and loose clothes i air out at night i mean i have tried everything.. oatmeal bath yougurt inside and out and nothing is helping.
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I have had horrible problems with the M IUD and also yeast infections; this is what i've done to help. Anti microbial washes from CVS/Wallgreens, or your local drug store.
Lots of yogurt and Cottage cheese, easy on bread, yeast products, including alcohol.
And last and least attractive to do, buy yourself a container of plain yogurt and some cheap unscented reg tampons, take a spoonful in a small dish into bathroom with you, grab a reg tampon.
Complete saturated reg tampon with yogurt, which is why they can be cheap (you wont need the applicator). insert it full of yogurt into your V, and clean yourself up, cut the string off.
Tampons are only safe for maximum of 6 hours each, and cutting the string of will ensure it stays clean. Do not bath with a tampon in, shower only. Hope it works for you all.
You can also now buy Yeast pills, PH REfresh rinse and Refresh tampons from your local drug store.
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It's possible that this is a reaction to the condoms your husband is using.  You may need to find another form of contraception or relook at different brands of condoms.

It can also be hormone related - you may want to consider the pill.

You may also want to consider a longer term treated with anti fungals ie multiple course of the one dose pill or a longer term of some of the other anti fungals available (discuss this with your doctor).

You may also want to consider an anti candida diet ie no sugar, wheat or mushrooms (it's a bit more complicated than that - google the diet or speak to a dietician).  But the diet takes a few weeks to work (if at all) so it's not a quick fix.

I wouldn't be using tampons either.  You can react to them.  They do contain chemicals - same goes for pads.  Also most yoghurts don't have a lot of probiotics in them (mainly due to transportation issues).  But probiotics taken orally may help.

Do you get the discharge or just the red, itchy horrible feeling?
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