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What could be the cause of armpit odor?

I am in my early 30s, female, and I've tried everything to resolve this. After about 5 hours I have to reapply deodorant. I've tried alcohol, hydrogen peroxide,etc. but my armpits end up smelling worst with these products. My TSH levels are 6.67 but T3 and T4 are normal.  I tried Iodine on armpits  but they ended up smelling worse! I do have chronic BV and anal yeast infections, so I use boric acid suppositories for those and I have fibroids.
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There is actually a medical term for terrible underarm odor; it is called bromhidrosis. Special kinds of sweat glands called apocrine glands are located in the skin of the underarms, breasts, and genitals and are responsible for the condition.

Bacterial breakdown of the secretions of these glands leads to the production of a number of substances — including ammonia — that cause the foul odor. These glands are more active in males, so bromhidrosis is more common in men, but many women suffer with it as well. Medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and skin problems can also lead to the presence of these odor-causing compounds.

A number of approaches can work toward relieving the problem. The least invasive include intensive local care with antibacterial scrubs and topical antibiotics, antiperspirants that contain aluminum chloride; electrolysis to remove hair and limit bacterial growth, and the treatment of any underlying skin conditions.

Diet may also play a role, so you might try eliminating alcohol, garlic, and onions to see whether the condition improves.

Another possibility is 20 percent aluminum chloride, which is available from a pharmacist (ask for Drichlor, Anhydrol Forte, or Perspirex); this is pretty strong stuff, so be sure to use it only as directed and be careful about ruining your clothing.

Also keep in mind that changing your clothes often can help, as the odor may become dried into the fabric.

Bathing is of course very important.

I would recommend getting a referral to a dermatologist before you try any of these home remedies. Since you already know you have a yeast problem.......the doctor will be able to factor that into his diagnosis and treatment plans to help you.

I'm sure there is a treatment/cure for your condition and I wish you the very best.

Thank you RubyWitch - I appreciate your response. I've tried Miradry and it did not help and I also trued those aluminum chloride based deodorants you spoke of...I might have to go see another dermatologist to see if there's anything I can do. I'm trying to stay off of sugar and alcohol to see if it helps, I bought probiotics the other day. Thanks again for your suggestions!
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Have you tried purging and cleansing your body. Look into trying a herbal cleanse and monitoring your diet of greasy and sugary foods for now. Then using golden seal as a tonic.
I am actually looking into this as I saw online that toxins might be causing this. I am addicted to sugar and bread and I think I do tend to have a lot of yeast overgrowth in my body... I started drinking chlorophyll but I really need to cleanse as well...
Well..sounds similar to my issue where I use to suffer with yeast overgrowth due to sugar addition. I started using pau darco..and it has been working..my issue didnt manifest with armpit odor but severe yeast infections..and it worked for me.
Yes - yeast overgrowth is due to sugar addiction (which I am guilty of!) I absolutely love dessert and fruits (because they are sweet). I really want to get this under control because I never knew how addicted I was to sugar and bread until I was looking into detoxifying my body. I could not last all day without my chocolate and sweets! Thank you for the pau darco suggestion, I will definitely try that. The boric acid suppositories have helped but I will also try this and see where it goes...I hope I can detox my body but it will be harder than I thought!
Please let me know if it works for..I'm interested to hear.
Yes I definitely will let you know - I will post on this blog again (crossing my fingers)
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Rub half a line on each armpit after taking a shower. It worked for me and my aunt. We both had that problem.
I meant lime
Thanks for the suggestion - I actually tried this before  and my armpits ended up smelling worst...I think I might have to consult a new GP or dermatologist...
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