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What could be the reason For Delayed or Missed Periods?

I am a 23 aged woman,
My date for getting periods was on around 16th Feb. However, I havent got periods until today (24th).
I havent had sex or any such activities except some self satisfactions.
However, I havent got my periods and I am worried very much, what could it be?
Furthermore, I want to say that, around 15th-20th I had had some cramps which I think and feel like periodic cramps, but i am not 100% sure regarding that because during that time some members in my family also had some kind of stomach ache so I am confused if the cramp I had was periodic or similar to those that they had.

Going through some Internet Sites, I also had Aspirin and Some (ginger and such herbs) expecting to induce period but that hasnt helped yet.

So, what could possibly be the reason? Is it possible to have Periods without actually bleeding at all? (I am saying so just because I had some cramps during the due dates of my periods even though I am confused of the reason for the cramp).

I am very very much scared, and my mom has been asking me if I had my periods. So, I dont know what to say, and what could be the reason.

Please help.

Thank you in advance for any comments or help!!!
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You might not have ovulated in the prior month. Try not to worry, you will probably get back to on track soon.
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So, there are a variety of reasons.  Just about every female will be late from one time to another.  Some are late routinely and some it is just sporadic.  Things that make a woman late are stress, illness, changes in routine, weight gain or loss.  Those are usually one off things where you have a random month of lateness.  We can also have hormonal fluctuations that cause us to be late.  That can be a one or two cycle thing or a chronic issue. Your doctor can check your hormones through a blood test.  
Being late once in a while is not a big deal.  Doctors like women to have periods every 3 months and until that time, they tend to not worry much.  

We always get our period around 14 days after we ovulate, so you may be having a long cycle which is essentially what a late period is.  All one long cycle rather than 'skipping a period.  good luck
By the way, here is a good comprehensive read on this https://www.webmd.com/women/why-is-my-period-so-random#1
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