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What could cause blood on pap smear - no period?

I had a pap smear and it came back "partially obscuring blood". The only problem is, I haven't had a period for almost a year. They are going to retest in a month but what could cause blood other than menstruation? I have had uterine fibroids in the past, could that do it? I have had no bleeding or spotting. My doctor didn't offer any suggestions, just wants to retest.
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Strange, right?  Are they concerned you have no period for a year? How old are you?  That's usually not what they want if you haven't been through menopause. Fibroids do cause bleeding, very common actually. I'd ask your doctor specifically about this.  
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Also, if you had recently had sex, is there any possibility your cervix got bonked (by the tip of his penis)? If that happened and it was sensitive, it could probably bleed a little. But I would also go with the fibroids theory.
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