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What could my unexplained symptoms be cause by?

I have been having problems for a few months now. It greatly impacts my day to day life and mental health, but nothing fixes it. I've had multiple full workup tests done and there was NOTHING. No BV, no yeast, no STIs. Symptoms are light yellow creamy discharge, itching and burning of the vagina and vulva region directly around it, frequency of urination, pain during urination, cramping, and pain during sex. Please give me any ideas you may have, I'm completely stuck and it's ruining me
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How satisfied with your health care provider are you? (In short, do you think they know what they are doing?)

If you are not yourself carrying a yeast or bacteria, then you have to look at what you are being exposed to. Has your partner also had a full workup for STIs and other things that could spread irritation to a sexual partner?

Have you also had a workup for allergies?

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I haven't had sex since November because of this, and I have a boyfriend now anyway who I can't see at the moment. So it's not from a partner. And yes I've actually had allergy testing done at that same doctor and a separate allergist
People can get irritations from skin products, fabrics, and other things that they are in contact with (not just boyfriends).  I guess in your shoes, I'd google the question (causes of itchy vagina or causes of burning vagina) and trace everything on the list, with your doctor's advice, or the advice of a new doctor or a dermatologist.
I’m in a similar situation — I’m doing autoimmune testing and results came back positive.
That's a great piece of advice.

Please don't let this "ruin" you.  These symptoms don't define you.  If you tested negative to STDs via uranalysis and STI's (these are usually visual inspection from OB), and you don't have yeast or BV, then I would take high loads of vitamin C and and acidic things, (vinager apple cider); then I would drink my water .  Lastly I would test one more time for major STDs, mainly just gonorrhea and chlamydia, but I don't you have those from what you describe.  

Questions: how old are you ? have you had any children before ?
Thank you for all the advice, I just want this to go away. It's negatively impacting everything in my life. It's hard to go through day to day, I'm worried about seeing my boyfriend when I should be excited, I'm crying out of frustration when my OB doesn't listen to me, it's painful and annoying. I haven't changed much since before this started(not my soap, had the same clothes for a long time, not detergent) and the answers to those questions are I'm almost 20 and no children
I'd look into the autoimmune testing suggestion. And change your doctor.

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