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What is a heavy period?

My period started on the 12th of this month, with today being the 14th, technically day 3. Today in particular, i noticed it is heavy. I changed once at work and 6 hours later i came home and the pad was filled top to bottom (sorry tmi.) When i woke up in the am, same thing with the pad. Now i've noticed that if day 1 is not much, usually day 2 is. But not day 3. And by day 4 it's quite calm without much blood. I'm going to be 41 next month, not using birth control. And my period is pretty steady at every 26 days. This is the first time I noticed this. I don't have pain, and i dont see any clots or feel them come out, but i noticed when i urinate, i see a membrane-like thing in the toilet, with the urine looking very bloody today. Should i start to worry it being fibroids? And where would on feel pain, front or back? And where exactly? Is the pain sharp or dull? Any insight would be appreciated, thanks.
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Hi, truthfully, while everyone is different, by my standards this doesn't sound like a super heavy period.  It actually is what I think is a pretty common patter, starting out slow, then a day of heavier bleeding and clots and then slowing down over the next few days.  To put it into perspective for you, as I've gotten older, I've gotten a heavier cycle . . .  I can fill a tampon/pad in less than 2 hours on a heavy day.  And sometimes much less time with leakage.  I also have that membrane thing during periods.  So, I don't think you are experiencing anything abnormal and nothing very heavy by my ideas of heavy.  Yes, I also have deep cramping on my heaviest days where I need to take ibuprofen.  Do you get an annual gynecological exam?  You should, all women should each year.  good luck
Hi, thanks for your comment. Actually my last pap test was nov 2016 and it came back normal. I dont know if im thinking too much about it since i came home earlier today, but now as im laying in bed, i feel a flow. Is it true our periods are supposed to get heavier as we get older, and before menopause? (i hope that wont happen anytime soon!)
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