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What is this infection?!?!? Please help

For several months now I've been dealing with vaginal irritation and itching and also creamy white discharge. It began a bit after having unprotected sex. I also stopped birth control about 5 months ago and have been having really irregular periods. I've been tested multiple times for all STDs and STIs, Yeast, BV, UTI, Vaginitis, Ureaplasma, everything possible, everything comes back negative. I don't have sensitive skin and have not changed any of my products so it wouldn't be that. Pleaseeee someone help me figure out what this is.
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Have any of your products changed formulas - think "new and improved"?

What kind of products to you use? I'm assuming the basics - toilet paper, tampons/pads, etc? Maybe baby wipes or "feminine wipes"? Is everything scent free? Dye free? You can develop an allergy at any time, so maybe that's what is happening here.

If you are douching, stop doing that. That can easily disrupt the very delicate balance of the vagina.

If you use the same body wash that you use on your body to wash your vagina, stop doing that, too. The vagina is like a self-cleaning oven. The good and bad bacteria work together to keep it clean and healthy. All you really need to do is use a washcloth to wipe the exterior.

Make sure you are wearing cotton undies, or at least undies with a 100% cotton crotch.

If you get waxed, asked if they've changed products.

Try to think of everything. It may be something really simple.
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Haven't changed any products. No Douching, And have been using the same body wash for years and have never had issues. I've also been using the same type of underwear  for years and have never had issues. It is definitely some sort of infection, but we can not figure out what kind of infection.
Did they do a wet mount? (I'd imagine they have.) Did they find white blood cells? That would indicate an infection.

Have they done any pH testing?

Here is some testing info that may help (you may well have had everything done, but it doesn't hurt to check in case they missed something) - https://www.uofmhealth.org/health-library/hw6026

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It sounds like you have a yeast infection. If I am correct buy an anti fungal cream and that should help get rid of it soon
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