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What is this pink fleshy discharge? PLEASE HELP!!

Hi, I'm 21 years old and I recently participated in masturbation for the first time. I stopped as soon as I realized there was blood and some kind of fleshy looking tissue on my fingers - smelled like a combination of period blood and was kind of fishy (sorry, I know this is TMI). It's been 3 days since I've masturbated and I'm still experiencing that discharge (not as much as the first day) with the same smell. I've experienced discharge before, but it never smelled like this. I'm expecting to get my period in 5 days so I'm not sure if that has to do with anything? I don't know if I should be worried or if I should seek professional help from an obgyn. Please help. Any guidance or comments about this would be greatly appreciated!
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Adding onto that, I checked for any STIs in August and it came out negative and I have had sex with one partner since then (who is also clear of STIs). Not sure if that helps, but I want to provide as many details as I can.
And I'm not experiencing any itchiness either!
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You could be experiencing the discharge of tissue from an early and undetected miscarriage. Have you taken a pregnancy test? There might still be hCG in your system if this is what it was. In any case, you might want to see an ob/gyn and get an ultrasound and see if there is any unexpected tissue in your uterus. If you had been a virgin, I'd suggest this was tissue from your hymen, but you said you have had sex.
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Not sure because I am not a doctor but there have been many times I had light spotting or extremely thick discharge 3-5 days before my period and it always smells different a few days before and after,   I would not worry unless other symptoms occur, you miss your next period, you get other pregnancy signs or the smell worsens quite a bit  keep track if this is a new monthly thing or one time thing.
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