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What is trace pelvic free fluid if post menopausal

I had an MRI for checking my kidney stones and cysts and it said for the pelvic part. There was a large fibroid, 2 benign ovarian cysts but the last line that concerned me was 'trace pelvic free fluid not expected for patient's age'. I'm 62  I am not sure what this mean. I tend to get cysts all the time - ie kidney cysts, ovarian, fibrocystic breasts , cysts on my back. But the mri reported didn't suggest any special follow up to it and I am not sure what to think. I'd love some ideas. My kidneys could be inflamed due to the cysts and stones but don't know if that would affect the pelvic area... Thanks for any ideas.
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Hello~Very generally speaking, fluid in the pelvis on an MRI scan is a very nonspecific finding. Anything that causes inflammation of the organs in the pelvis can be associated with fluid there. For example, endometriosis, in which tissue from the uterus escapes into the abdominal cavity, could cause this.

They probably thought it was a little unusual because ladies of our age (I am 60) usually don't have endometriosis.

If the doctor was not concerned however, and did not tell you to return for a follow-up exam in a year, then it more than likely nothing to worry about and is "normal" for you.

Thank you so much as of course I am immediately thinking ovarian cancer. I haven't seen the doctor yet but managed to pick up the MRI report so have been reading it and googling it.

The abdominal MRI mentioned that there is early non specific diffuse early enhancing pattern of the liver  may be seen with underlying hepatic venous congestion... when I read that and looked in google it seemed that it could involve some heart issue which could lead to fluid... but I don't think it would go to pelvic area...

I was thinking that having a big fibroid was a bit unusual for the sixties too but the free fluid was mentioned after talking about the  two ovarian cysts. My doctor appointment isn't till next week. I am wondering what kind of tests he might suggest- I am not sure if a transvaginal ultrasound is more detailed than the pelvic mri.
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