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What is wrong with me

Ok I am a 35 year old female I have 3 kids and my tubes are tied in April I had my period it's July now and my period has not come at all not even lightly in April and May I started having Pains where my C-section scar is lower abdomen I guess it's like ripping if I move a certain way or feels like I'm getting my period but don't and also always have pressure I feel like my insides are going to drop out I have been having pain with sex and light bleeding after I have been getting so tied at night that if I don't go to sleep right away I walk around like a zombie and when I do sleep sometimes I wet the bed in the daytime I have to use the bathroom more offen I went to a gynecologist and he did an ultrasound and said I have a mass inside my uterus wall he did a suction biopsy of the cells but not the actual mass biopsy came back clear but I still don't have the answer to what is wrong with me I am not going back to the same doctor I am seeing a new one but can't go until next month was hoping for some answers here
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Wow, sorry to hear this is going on.  Moms really can't afford this kind of thing, can they?  We don't have time to have health problems!!  I don't really have any further insight but feel for you!  I'm really glad you are going to a second doctor.  You have that appointment in August?  The first doctor didn't tell you what was up with the mass in your uterine wall? There are benign uterine growths such as fibroids.  Could it be that?  Except one of the symptoms of that is abnormal bleeding (often bleeding too much).  I am going to assume that they ruled out ectopic pregnancy, right?  Sometimes when tubes are tied, pregnancy can occur.  Not terribly common but the clips if they used that method can come undone or if the tubes were severed, scar tissue can form a new tube like structure sperm can enter.  But unfortunately, many pregnancies post tubal ligation are ectopic.  But that would be an obvious one to check with the lack of period for so long.  Lack of period is typically related to hormones.  Either producing too much estrogen or a slow thyroid, etc.  Did they check your hormone levels?  That should be done. So, back to fibroids.  Other than bleeding, you do have several of the other symptoms.  https://www.medicinenet.com/uterine_growths/article.htm#what_are_the_signs_and_symptoms_of_uterine_fibroids_and_what_do_they_look_like  

Any more information would be helpful.  And I'm here to talk any time.  I'm sure this is worrying you.
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I assume you have also taken a home pregnancy test to rule out a pregnancy?
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Do you have filshie clips? If so please read about all the problems women are having with them.

Is there an ongoing problem with these clips?  I had thought the percentage of people whose clips came undone was fairly small?
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