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What may cause cramps and bleeding that are quickly intensifying?

Hey everyone, I'm growing more concerned with my fiance by the minute. Two days ago, she started having cramps, which is odd because it's off her (usual) menstrual cycle by a couple weeks. Yesterday, she woke me up to take her to the hospital. The cramps were intensified greatly, and were much much localized. She had extremely heavy bleeding that she couldn't get under control, to the point that it was running off her feet with heavy tissue discharge included. We spent half the day in the hospital and after a urinalysis, bloodwork, and a pelvic exam, she was given all negative results. She's negative most notably for pregnancy and all STDs. Upon pelvic exam, she stated the pain was localized in the back part of her vaginal/uterine area and the bleeding further intensified upon inspection. However, she was still given all negative results. She was discharged with just an OB/GYN referral. Over the last few hours, she's escalated to a copious amount of nausea and vomiting on top of it. She does have the arm implanted birth control. She's also had a miscarriage in the past, but stated it wasn't nearly as severe as what she has now and all pregnancy tests were negative.
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Also, toxic shock.
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Ohh yes, I hadn't thought of that one. Definitely a possibility. :(
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It's been 12 hours since you wrote this. How is she doing now?

Does she have a fever?

I'd wonder about pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy (though her tests were negative), miscarriage (though blood tests can determine that), or maybe a ruptured ovarian cyst.



If she hasn't already followed up with an OB/GYN, and is still vomiting, bleeding, etc., and has a fever, she may need to go back to the ER. A ruptured cyst can cause serious problems if she's bleeding.

Let us know how she's doing.
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She seems to be better..negative on the fever. She's still bleeding but not as severely as before. A little bit of nausea still but no vomiting
When she gets in to see the ob/gyn, she should ask for (insist on) a uterine MRI. It can tell whether she has something like a fibroid or Asherman's syndrome, or other soft-tissue related problem.
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