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What medical professional can I see if I am having a gender/sex problem?

Ok so I got information from my dna test implying I had a Y chromosome. I'm 22 and supposed to be a woman. I have had ultrasounds before and had no problems. I have ovaries uterus and fallopian tubes etc... And my puberty was ok aside from inconsistent periods which caused me to get a u/s in the first place. And I do have a lot more body hair and a lower voice about 200 hz. It's still in female range. And I have broad shoulders and narrow hips. That's about it. I wanted to know exactly if it was true or not that I had a sex condition of some sort or not. Because when I did the dna test with ancestrydna I got on my raw results xyx. Or interpreted male. I spoke to my gynecologist they didn't seem to know much about it. In fact they said I could not have xyx and have female gonads. And I just looked it up and I found a study that found one woman that had xyx chromosomes and three kids she gave birth to and were biologically her kids. She even transferred it to one of her children. Plus I have read different stories that were similar to her case. So I know it's possible. I just wanted to know if it was the case or not. But my current gyn said if the hormones are in rage it doesn't matter. For me it does though mentally. For several reasons. How can I find a medical professional who is more educated on this and can actually help me?
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You might look for someone who has written a medical article on this topic that has been published in a medical journal (online search would help with this).  Then send the person an email and ask what doctor they know who deals with this kind of question, or how to find out, or what kind of doctor it would be.
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this outreach organization for people with chromosomal abnormalities (i.e. female with XY chromosomes) has alot of information and some lists of drs in different areas. I would seek an opinion outside of my OB/GYN.
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I would recommend seeing a geneticist.  They should be able to answer all of your questions.
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