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What should I do?

I am 37 years and for the past 4 months I have been dealing with extreme vaginal itching and frothy white/yellow vaginal discharge. These symptoms usually increase before my period. The last two months I took an over the counter yeast medication and it helped but it seems to be reoccurring. This month although the it itching and discharge was less I have have itching in the inner thigh right around the vaginal enterance and anus and see small tears right above the clitoris. I started seeing someone earlier this year and we both got tested before getting physical. No STDs or STIs. I tried the combined birth control and switched to the mini pill. But the itching and discomfort continues. Please help.
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Have you done anything to address it besides the o.t.c. yeast medication? Like, have you seen your gynecologist? It does sound likely to be a yeast infection, and there are prescription, otc, and natural ways to try to address those, but it might be smart to see the doctor (if you haven't) for a proper diagnosis.
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I have talked to my doctor and he says sometimes there might be fakir ups of reoccuring yeast and to monitor through winter and connect if it continues.
You say the itching is extreme, and he says to wait and see? You might want to get a better doctor. But if the otc medication keeps things calmed down, that does suggest you're on the right track.
Oh definitely need a new doc that's a whole other discussion lol. But to be fair he gave me tips to help with itching.

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