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What to do about this?

I went to the hospital a few weeks ago with a migraine headache.  The doctor gave my an IV with Dilodid (spelling?) and Moriphine.  Then gave me a prescription of oxycodone.  They apparantly did a pregnancy test with my blood work.  My HCG level was around 23; the doctor did not tell me I was pregnant.  I have been having cramping, a dark brown color blood and lower back pain.  Went to my OBGYN and they said it must be an infection in my uterus.  So, they gave me a shot of an antibotic: Rocephim and gave me my Depo shot for birth control.  They also called in a precsription of some oral antibotics.  Well, that was on the 29th; the visit to the OBGYN.  On the 30th of Sept. I just couldn't take the pain and the blood anymore and went to a place right outside the hospital (it is a part of the hospital, but for patients that aren't in a life or death situation).  While I was there, the doctor asked me did I know that when I was at the hospital last, that it has in my papers that I was "slightly pregnant".  I had NO idea, and expressed this to him.  He sent me in a van to the main ER, and from there found out that I was pregnant and having a miscarriage.  My HCG levels now read 6.  Somebody "dropped the ball", or I wouldn't have taken the pain meds, nor would I have smoked cigs knowing I was pregnant.  Now a life has been lost, and I don't know what I should do.  Please help guide me in the right direction.  I feel like a number and feel as though something could have happened to safe this life, if I was told about the pregnancy.  Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from someone soon!  I have done my share of crying tonight :(
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sorry to hear about this, a miscarriage and death of a child is something we all will find extremely hard to get over but we do in the end, i would complain about the previous visit as they have mislead you, but a pregnancy test shoud not be done until four weeks after ur last period, four weeks is the minimum as anything under may not show u r pregnant.

some people on here tyake sooo long to reply too, i would perhaps consider therapy to help u get over the miscarriage, in the first 3 weeks after a miscarriage u will get pregnant straight away if u dont use anything so be careful xx
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First off, please do be aware that 2 out of 5 (or even 3 out of 5) pregnancies end in early miscarriage.  There is no obvious reason, and it is assumed that it happens just because it is hard for a sperm and egg to hook up correctly with nothing missing genetically.  How they handled you at the hospital could have been great or awful and you would still have those odds.  I was treated with kid gloves all the way and monitored often, and still lost my twins at 9 weeks, due to issue of themselves (not me or my treatment).

Also, if they knew you were pregnant and prescribed what they did, they probably only prescribed things that are safe during pregnancy.  Now, having said that, I'm not familiar with any of the meds you were given.  If you want to see if any of them are contra-indicated during pregnancy, you can look up each on its website and see what the warnings are.

If you wanted to take legal action, you would be asked to prove that their prescribing the wrong stuff, knowing you are pregnant, is the sole reason you lost the pregnancy.  That's a tough thing to be able to prove unless they flat-out gave you something known to cause pregnancy loss, and even then you'd have to be able to show that they knew you were pregnant when they did it.

Good luck, time is the only healer on this.
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They knew I was pregnant from a blood test they had given me that showed the HCG levels or pregnancy.  The doctor didn't not inform me of the pregnancy, and gave me narcotic medications for pain of the migraine headache through my IV.  Dilodid is 13x's stronger than morophine!  Then they gave me a take home prescription of oxycodone...another narcotic.  Then, when I went to the OBGYN, they just thought I had a utereous (spelling) infection.  They gave me a shot of anibiotics, and a shot of birth control...Depo shot.  The whole time not knowing that I was pregnant, b/c the hospital didn't tell me and the OBGYN did not do a blood test to find the HCG levels, after I was having dark bleeding and pain in my abdominal area.  The urine test came back negative, but that is b/c I was at the beggining stage of preganancy.  Only a blood test picks this up, which was done at the hospital, before the OBGYN visit.  I had NO CLUE I was pregnant.  Just think a lot of people "dropped the ball".  A life was lost, and I am very confussed.  I am in pain now, my HCG level is at a 6 now, it was at a 23-26....so the I am still having a miscarriage.  Having cramps and lower back pain, not including the emotional part.  I am confussed, and just wish someone at the hospital the first time would have told me...it was in my chart!  The doctor who saw me at the hospital this last time told me so.  Thanks for the response from all of you who responded.  Sincerely,  Jodi
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Hey jojo,
I'm very very sorry that you lost your little bean. Nothing and I really do mean nothing anyone says can heal your heart. Having had a early miscarriage myself I know how frightening and alone you must feel right now. Just try your hardest to not think about blaming yourself or anyone else for the time being you need to heal hunny. Just curl up, have a good cry, scream do what you need to do to release the frustration, curl up to a feel good movie and indulge yourself for a few weeks then come back to this and tackle the issue. This is going to have to be an issue you deal with when your more with it(I dont mean that in a disrespectful way) but I'm sure you are feeling really hurt and not yourself. So heal, then deal with this.
xx Be safe and if you ever wanna talk let me know.
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Thanks for the kind words.  I wish I had time to rest; I do have a five yr. old healthy little girl, so rest is out of the question.  I don't want her to know about this loss; it is too much for her little mind.  It is weird how you used the words "little bean", b/c that is one of the nicknames I call my little girl!  I can't begin to express how supportive this whole community of people are and I appreciate every last one of ya!  Love, jojo583
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